International Conferences

Worldwide academic events on gaming, gamification, innovation, and technology and education:

Conference Title




International Conference: The Future of Education - 8th edition


28th to 29th June 2018 


Florence, Tuscany, Italy

2018 2nd International Conference on Education and Multimedia Technology ICEMT 2018

July 2 – 4, 2018




World Gaming Executive Summit 2018

3 to 5 July, 2018

Barcelona, Spain

International Conference on Interaction Design and Digital Creation / Computing 2018 (IDDC 2018)


8th to 12th July 2018


Tottori Prefecture, Japan

ISAGA2018 Theme: Active Learning and Neo-Simulation & Gaming: Sharing Wisdom 


9 to 13 July, 2018

Salaya, Nakorn Pathom, Thailand

International Conference On Creative And Innovative Technology In Education 2018 (I-CITE 2018)

24th to 25th July 2018 


Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

International Conference on Teaching, Learning, Innovation and Educational Technology


July 27-29, 2018




First International Conference on New Trends in Education: Teaching, learning and Technology

August 04-05, 2018

Istanbul, Turkey



IEEE Games, Entertainment, & Media (GEM) 2018

15th to 17th August 2018 


Galway, Ireland

The International Society for Engineers and Researchers (ISER)



30th - 31st August , 2018


Goa, India

The Singapore Education Technology Conference 2018


30th to 31st August 2018 



Education Innovation Conference 


4th to 5th September 2018 


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

1st International Conference on Technological and Social Innovations 2018 ICTSI2018

September 12-14, 2018


Cebu, Philippines

2nd International Conference on Game, Game Art and Gamification (ICGGAG 2018)

13th to 14th September 2018


Jakarta, DKI, Indonesia

7th International Conference on Sciences, Technology and Social Sciences

15-16 September, 2018

Bali,  Indonesia

INSIGHT'18: 1st International Conference on Religion, Social Sciences & Technological Education


25-26 September, 2018



Global Education, Teaching & Learning Conference


26th to 29th September 2018 


Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)

12th European Conference on Games Based Learning

4th to 5th October 2018 


Sophia Antipolis, France

International Conference On Education, Science, Technology And Innovation In Development In Africa (ICESTIDA 2018) 


15th to 17th October 2018


Enugu, Nigeria

ArtsIT 2018 - 7th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation


October 24-26, 2018

Braga, Portugal

Brave New World - Conference on How Future Technology will Impact Human Life


8 & 9 November 2018



Recent Trend Innovation in Social Sciences and Technology International Conference 2018 (ISSTIC 2018) 


9th to 11th November 2018 


Prague, Czech Republic

ICERI2018 (11th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation)


12th to 14th November 2018


Sevilla, Spain

International Conference on Creativity & Information Technology in Economics, Business, Tourism & Social Sciences CETS-Nov-2018


November 17-18, 2018



United Kingdom

5th International STEM in Education Conference 


21st to 23rd November 2018


Queensland, Australia

International Conference on Innovation in Social Science, Arts, Education, Economics & Business Management.(ISSA) 


24th to 25th November 2018


Athens, Greece

8th International Conference on Sciences, Technology and Social Sciences


26-27 December, 2018



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2nd International Conference on Innovative Research in Management, Social Sciences, Economics and Information Technology RMSEIT


December 24-25, 2018

Bali, Indonesia



2nd International Conference on Management, Arts and Education Research 2019 (ICMAER 2019) 


5th to 6th January 2019


sabah, Malaysia

GAP (Gaming for Peace) Conference 


10th to 11th January 2019 


Dublin, Ireland

International Conference on Business, Sustainability, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences


9th to 10th February 2019


London, United Kingdom

2019 8th International Conference on Education and Management Innovation (ICEMI 2019)

13th to 15th February 2019


Milano, Italy

2019 3rd International Conference on Graphics, Images and Interactive Techniques CGIIT 2019


Feb. 22-24, 2019


Guangzhou, China

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