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List of (Serious) Game Design Courses

Row Course Title Short description How to register Online/offline link
1 The Art of Serious Game Design Hands on workshop for designing educational games by research team at Ryerson University Please email Naza Djafarova at ndjafaro [at] for a copy of the workshop materials, or to request the Ryerson research team to facilitate a workshop for your team. Online
2 Serious Game Design and Development Online course that addresses the design and development of serious games, also student will understand the process of idealizing, designing and developing to the eventual delivering of a game Register in an account through “” and select “add to watch list” through the link Online – 5 hours a week
3 Serious Gaming by Jeroen Jansz A MOOC (massive open online course) where students will learn the ins and outs of games that are designed with a purpose. Help to learn how to design games and deal with societal change or raise awareness of contemporary social issues. Register through Coursera and select “enrol for free” – Started May 04 2020 Online
4 Design of Serious Games The Digital Learning Games International master curriculum one- week course in designing serious games Registration deadline 15th June 2020 – Course takes place 20 July – 24 July [EUR 200 cost] Online
5 Serious Gaming A framework to develop serious games, experience developing games, support for various gaming platforms- Netherlands based company Harrie Bohnen Harrie.Bohnen [at]
+31 88 5113660 Online
6 Serious Game Design MA Certificate Three course transcript - able university graduate certificate in serious games from the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University Must have completed a bachelor’s degrees – apply online but need to meet requirements: Online or in person
7 Executive Education Certificate Program Mason Game and Technology Academy provides workforce development and education to cultivate new skills in Augmented/Virtual Reality, Serious Game Development/Gamification and more. Contact vlichten [at] for pricing and scheduling In person, George Mason University
8 Serious Game Designer Certificate Certificate to develop serious games for business training, enable educators and digital mangers to create and implement games oriented sessions. On right hand side of page from the given link “Get Course Details” to further pursue that interest Grenoble Ecole de Management, In Person
9 The Digital Learning Games international Master programme Multidisciplinary program with game design, interaction, instructions, and different backgrounds i.e. art, psychology etc. Click “Register” In person summer program, at Tallinn University
10 MSc Serious Games and Virtual Reality. One year program that offers a look at serious games and virtual reality, as well as the application of modern game technology in wide area of training, education, medicine, security and beyond Apply through the post graduate application form, academic qualifications, and 500 word statement University of Glasgow, in person
11 The Bachelor of Computer Science (Simulation and Serious Games) Courses designed to provide foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of simulation, serious games and computer science Complete admission requirements Flinders University in person

Design Courses Websites + Institutions

Name   Website
Coursera Game design courses from top universities and industry, learn game design, and take courses online
EdX free game design courses Take free online game design courses to build skills, and learn game design from top universities and institutions around the world
The Centre For Digital Media Master of Digital Media program is “a sixteen month internationally recognized, research-informed and industry-relevant professional graduate program that engages students in the development of digital media products.”
Sheridan College “Working on lab projects, simulations, and case studies to get a taste of the real-world game industry. As well as l work in teams with your fellow students to build a game from the ground up.” - Sheridan College
Toronto Film School Learn fundamental to game design, fundamentals to design, and concepts for both 2D and 3D games
Vancouver Film School Be a game designer, feature designer, or level design at the Film school.
Vancouver Game and Design School The Visual College of Art and Design helps to teach students skills in game, art and design.
La Salle College “Offers quality training from professionals, and crowned as the #1 undergraduate school in Canada for game design by the Princeton Review” – La Salle
Dawson College Offers programs in video game design, provide training and entrepreneurship, and technical skills to prepare for a career in the sector
Concordia Engage in practice and theory with game design with relevant courses under the department of Computation Arts
University of Montreal Provinces the necessary conceptual, and methodological tools that are needed to have efficient performance in the game industry competitively
Brock University Fields such as game programming, multiple game engines, game platforms and design are offered

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