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Gaming companies and Potential Internship Opportunities

🇨🇦 Canadian Gaming Internships 🇨🇦

Internship Title Description Location Link
Ubisoft Education The Game Lab Competition, scholarships for excellence, paid internships and school visits Montreal
GameLoft Mobile games across digital platforms, offers opportunities for game programmers Toronto
Behaviour interactive Large group of over 600+ professionals who have creative collaboration, to be game changers Montreal
A Thinking Ape Flexible, lean, transparent, and allow workers to maximize their own potential growth for game design and collaboration Vancouver

🇨🇦 Canadian Gaming Companies 🇨🇦

Company Description Location Link
Deloittee Serious games, learning, and development of industry, mainly focused on consulting, but has implemented and offered serious games internships in the past Montreal
Hand Eye Society “A not-for-profit coalition of projects and people in support of Toronto's video game communities. The Hand Eye Society Organizes socials, unconferences, presentations, showcases and established connections with the interactive design community at large” Toronto
Full Indie Full Indie is a non-profit organization by and for independent video game developers. Particularly to indie games and independent game developers Vancouver
Klei Independent game studio, creates ground-breaking games across multiple genres Vancouver
Artifact 5 Indies studio based in Montreal, that is independent, main team of three who make surreal, emotionally engaging games and experiences Montreal
Bioware Create high quality, PC and role playing games, focus on rich stories, unforgettable characters, and programming Edmonton
Dames Making Games Dames Making Games is a Toronto-based non-profit organization that aims to encourage the participation of women, non-binary, femme and queer people in the creation of video games. Toronto

International Gaming Internships

Internship Title Description Location Company Link
Internships/ Games for Health Projects & Game Solutions Lab Combining science and creativity into one sphere, and learn principles in Procedural, Theme, Play, and Reality. The Netherlands Games Solutions Lab
Internship at Serious Games Startup! Startup company: “At the interface of gaming, training, and futures thinking, we’re establishing a new serious games studio, FTX30.” London Systemyse Consulting LTD
Jobs and Internships at Grendel Games Game design that can change the world, unique combination of both entertainment and science The Netherlands Grendel Games
Internships for high school and undergraduates at play2prevent Social emotional learning to develop games and digital interventions for risk reduction, and prevention in young adults and youth, implementing scientific methods United States play2prevent

International Gaming Companies

Company Description Location Link
Triseum Games and the education industry, make games that help students reach learning goals Texas
Filament Games Create educational games that are playful experiences that improve people’s lives Washington
Institute of play The Institute of Play is a 501 corporation founded in 2007. The institute offers school design services, educator programs, game and curriculum design, and corporate trainings / workshops New York
International Game Developers Association The International Game Developers Association is a non-profit professional association whose stated mission is to "support and empower game developers around the world in achieving fulfilling and sustainable careers." New Jersey
Breakaway Games Communicate, teach, learn, using entertainment game technology to create virtual experiences for solving real-world problems. Maryland
The Serious Games Initiative The Serious Games Initiative (SGI) was founded with one goal: to use games to engage the broader public in policy discourse. Pennsylvania
The AbleGamers Charity The AbleGamers Foundation is an American non-profit organization and foundation dedicated to improving accessibility in the video game space, enabling more people with disabilities to be able to play video games. Kearneysville
Mooka Media Educational multimedia company, including digital learning design specialists Donegal Ireland
eLearning Studios Learn from experience, serious games form virtual reality, learning, and training United Kingdom
Serious Game Institute Leading edge research and support for a wide range of serious gaming and technology in areas such as health, education and environment United Kingdom
Make Sense Design Digital Learning cConsultancy, embed knowledge, change culture and boost performance United Kingdom
Growth Engineering Company focused on game designing and training solutions for clients United Kingdom
Women in Video Games Women in Games WIGJ is a UK-based community interest company which aims to recruit more women into the gaming industry and to protect the interests of women in the industry. United Kingdom
Serious Games Society Design to bring together companies, institutions , and practitioners to develop Serious Games Geneva


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