Complementary Courses

Complementary courses are divided into Groups A and B, both of which are linked below. Group A features eight thematic groupings in order to ensure that students pursuing the Major, Honours, and Joint Honours programs are introduced to issues of gender and/or women and/or feminism across the disciplinary spectrum. Any Women's Studies courses taken beyond the requirements can be counted towards Complementary Group B and may not be counted toward Group A.

Students who are pursuing the Minor or taking a more limited number of credits related to Women's Studies can use the Group B course listing to find relevant courses offered by other departments and faculties.

Group A

Group B

Students should note that courses are only acceptable towards the Women's Studies Program when the topic is appropriate for Women’s Studies and the course significantly engages with gender and/or feminism and/or women's studies. If there is a course WHICH IS NOT LISTED and that you think could count as a Complementary Course towards the Women's Studies Programs, please contact the IGSF Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator, Claire Michela, at 514.398.4400 x089872 or claire.michela [at] (email), for approval.