Approved Graduate Programs

IGSF had a great turnout for the Consenting Sexualities symposium

Faculty of Arts

  • Anthropology, M.A. (Thesis)
  • Art History, M.A. (non-Thesis); Ph.D.
  • Communication Studies, M.A.; Ph.D.
  • French Language and Literature, M.A. (non-thesis); M.A. (Thesis); Ph.D.
  • Geography, M.A. (Thesis), PhD.
  • History, M.A. (non-thesis); M.A. (Thesis)
  • Islamic Studies, M.A.; Ph.D.
  • Philosophy, Ph.D.
  • Political Science, M.A. (non-thesis); Ph.D.
  • Sociology, M.A. (non-thesis); M.A. (Thesis); Ph.D.

Faculty of Education

Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE)

  • Second Language Education, M.A.
  • Education and Society, M.A.
  • Educational Leadership, M.A.(non-Thesis), Project,
  • Educational Studies, PhD.

School of Social Work

  • Social Work, MSW (Thesis & Non-Thesis)

Schulich School of Music

Department of Music Research

  • Musicology, M.A. (Thesis)
  • Theory, M.A. (Thesis)
  • Music, Ph.D. (Thesis)

Faculty of Religious Studies

  • M.A.
  • Ph.D.