Fall 2021

Dr. Julie Podmore + Dr. Elspeth Brown on Lesbian and Queer Archives (Online)


TBD if in person or virtual. If the event is virtual, there will be professional live captions. If it is in person, we will film the event to make it available to people who are unable to attend. The location will be announced closer to the event's date.

Please sign up through Eventbrite-- this is especially important if the event happens in a virtual context so that you can get the zoom link (we do this to prevent zoombombing)-- if the event is in-person we will have to limit the number of attendees depending on COVID-19 protocols.

As part of the series' theme of sustainability, this panel will discuss the sustainability of digitization of archives, the risk of the "digital dark ages," and the challenge of sunsetting digital humanities projects. Lesbian and queer archives, face particular challenges as many exist apart from institutions.
Dr. Julie Podmore of Les archives lesbiennes du Québec (formerly Traces) and Dr. Elspeth Brown of the ArQuives (formerly the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives) will speak to these challenges.

Dr. Julie Podmore joined Concordia University's Geography Department as a part-time faculty member in 2000 and became an Affiliate Assistant Professor in 2010. From 2011-2015, she was a co-researcher with Diversité sexuelle, vulnérabilité et résilience, an interdisciplinary research team focusing on sexual minority youth and LGBTQ generations at UQAM. Her sustained research focus has been on the intersections between gender and sexuality in urban space, a perspective reflected in her publications on Montréal’s lesbian spaces and new research on "Queering Canadian suburbs". In addition to lecturing at Concordia, Julie is a tenured professor at John Abbott College and a research associate of the Chaire de recherche sur l’homophobie.

Dr. Elspeth Brown is Professor of History at the University of Toronto, where she teaches queer and trans history; the history of US capitalism; oral history; and the history and theory of photography. She also currently serve as the Director of the Digital Humanities She is an active volunteer and Vice President of the Board at The ArQuives, Canada’s Lesbian and Gay Archives, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ community archive.

This event is part of the 3rd Season of the Feminist and Accessible Publishing and Communications Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series (https://www.feministandaccessiblepublishingandtechnology.com), organized by Dr. Alex Ketchum.

Season 3 of our series was made possible thanks to our sponsors: SSHRC (and the Initiative for Digital Citizen Research), the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF), the DIGS Lab, Milieux, Initiative for Indigenous Futures, MILA, and the McGill Writing Centre.

There is no fee required to attend this event. We will provide captions in english. This event will be recorded and made available on our website after the event: https://www.feministandaccessiblepublishingandtechnology....

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