The 2021 Muriel Gold Lecture - The St. Mary's Rape Chant: A Discourse Analysis of Media Coverage by Dr. Marnina Gonick and Lyndsay Anderson


The 2021 Muriel Gold Lecture by Visiting Professor Dr. Marnina Gonick, with Lyndsay Anderson

The St. Mary's Rape Chant: A Discourse Analysis of Media Coverage

April 13, 2021, 1:30PM – 3:00PM EDT



In September 2013 student leaders at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, used a chant about the rape of underage girls as part of an Orientation Week activity for new students. The incident garnered national and international media coverage. In this article, we analyze and critique a selection of Canadian media articles published in the weeks after the rape chant was used. We draw on feminist analysis of post-feminism and the sexualization of youth cultures to show how, in their struggle to make sense of the incident, the media critique reiterates harmful discourses of youth, gender and sexuality while undermining deeper understanding of rape culture.

Dr. Marnina Gonick
Professor of Education and Women/Gender Studies at Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax
Muriel Gold Visiting Professor, IGSF, McGill University

Lyndsay Anderson
Director, Student Culture and Experience at St. Mary’s University, Halifax



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