Visiting Researchers

Nicole De Brabandere

Postdoctoral Fellow
IGSF, McGill University, 2018-2020

Nicole De Brabandere is a post-doc at IGSF and the Moving Image Research Lab. De Brabandere works at the intersection of feminist theory and media practice to foreground the ethical and poetic dimensions of perception, visibility and knowledge. Her current writing and film research reads concepts alongside media ecologies to develop and articulate technologies of errancy that both absorb normative modes of recognition (and inclusion) and deviate from them. Rather than assume a clear distinction between concept and practice, knowledge and sensibility, this research concerns how bodies and forms emerge heterogeneously and transversely, while creating new opportunities for collaborative world-making. De Brabandere has published her work in both traditional academic journals and experimental online publications, which can be found at

William Hebert

Visiting Researcher
IGSF, McGill University, 2018-2019

William Hébert is a PhD Candidate and Trudeau Scholar in Social-Cultural Anthropology at the University of Toronto. While at IGSF, he will complete his dissertation manuscript, a book project entitled Prisoners of Paradox: Trans-Affirmation, Penal Reform, and the Ambivalent Politics of Canadian ‘Multisexualism’. Based on over 24 months of multi-sited fieldwork including participant-observation, more than 100 interviews, and case law and policy analysis, this ethnography examines the ambivalent regime of penal governance that has emerged through Canadian correctional facilities’ reform of their placement and treatment policies for trans prisoners. As an engaged researcher, William has also worked and volunteered on numerous community-based research projects, including studies on: trans Ontarians’ access to justice; elderly trans people’s experiences in health care and social services; trans youth’s wellbeing; and the implementation of addiction and mental health services in Quebec public health centres.

Heather Davis

Visiting Scholar
IGSF, McGill University, 2015 and 2017-2018

Heather Davis is an itinerant researcher and writer. Her current book project, Plastic: The Afterlife of Oil, examines the constitutive character of plastic in our contemporary world, it’s complicated inheritances, and its links to petrocapitalism. She has written widely for art and academic publications on questions of contemporary art, politics and ecology. She is the editor of Art in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Aesthetics, Politics, Environments and Epistemologies (Open Humanities Press, 2015) and Desire Change: Contemporary Feminist Art in Canada (MAWA and McGill Queen’s UP, 2017). Her writing can be found at


Jennifer Drouin

Visiting Scholar
IGSF, McGill University, 2017-2018

Dr. Jennifer Drouin is a Visiting Scholar at the IGSF for the 2017-2018 academic year. Previously, she was a tenured Associate Professor of English at the University of Alabama where she was also an adjunct faculty member of Women’s Studies in the Department of Gender and Race Studies. Prior to that, she was an Assistant Professor at Allegheny College with a joint appointment in English and in Women’s Studies.

Drouin is the author of Shakespeare in Québec: Nation, Gender, and Adaptation, published by University of Toronto Press in 2014. This book analyzes the intersection of feminist, queer, and nationalist discourses in Québécois adaptations of Shakespeare since the Quiet Revolution. Drouin has also published several essays on gender, sexuality, and queerness in early modern drama and contemporary adaptations of Shakespeare. See, for instance, “Cross-Dressing, Drag, and Passing: Slippages in Shakespearean Comedy” in Shakespeare Re-Dressed: Cross-Gender Casting in Contemporary Performance (2008); “Diana’s Band: Safe Spaces, Publics, and Early Modern Lesbianism” in Queer Renaissance Historiography: Backward Gaze (2009); and “‘Get a Look at Your Wife’s Beautiful Cones’: Lady Macbeth’s Stone Butch Blues and Rural Second-Wave Feminism in Scotland, PA” in Shakespeare on Screen: Macbeth (2013). As a Visiting Scholar at the IGSF, Drouin will be editing a book volume entitled Shakespeare/Sex.

For a full scholarly profile, consult the “Universitaire” page of her website at

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