Faculty pertinent to Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social Justice Studies

These faculty have taught Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and or Social Justice Studies related courses and are potentially available to supervise students on independent research.

Complementary Courses:

Anthropology (ANTH):
Sandra T. Hyde

Architecture (ARCH):
Annmarie Adams

Art History and Communication Studies (ARTH & COMS):
roberto.benedicto [at] mcgill.ca (Bobby Benedicto)
carrie.rentschler [at] mcgill.ca (Carrie Rentschler)
jenny.burman [at] mcgill.ca (Jennifer Burman)

Biomedical Ethics (BIOE):
Jennifer Fishman

East Asian Studies (EAST):
Adrienne Hurley
Grace Fong

Education and Counselling Psychology (ECP)
Ada Sinacore
Jessica Ruglis

English (ENGL):
Erin J. Hurley
Monica Popescu

Geography (GEOG):
natalie.oswin [at] mcgill.ca (Natalie Oswin)

History (HIST):
Andrea Tone
Elizabeth Elbourne
Griet Vankeerberghen
Judith Szapor
Laila Parsons
Paula C. Clarke
brian.lewis [at] mcgill.ca (Brian Lewis)

Islamic Studies (ISLA):
Malek Abisaab
Michelle Hartman

Italian (ITAL):
Lucienne Kroha

Vrinda Narain

Music (Schulich School) (MUHL, MUAR):
Lisa Barg
Lloyd Whitesell

Nursing (HSEL):
Anne Marie Lanctot

Philosophy (PHIL):
Hasana Sharp
Marguerite Deslauriers

Psychology (PSYC):
Irving M. Binik
debra.titone [at] mcgill.ca (Debra Titone)

Religious Studies (RELG):
Daniel M. Cere

Social Work (SWRK):
Julia Krane
shari.brotman [at] mcgill.ca (Shari Brotman)

Sociology (SOCI):
Celine Le Bourdais
Elaine Weiner
Shelley Clark
oulami Roychowdhury

Graduate Supervision