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Sami Kilani

Rights-based Approach to Community Practice in Palestine: A Case Study

This book has investigated the experience of the An Najah Community Service Center in Nablus, Palestine in adopting and implementing a rights-based approach to community practice. The studied organization practiced community advocacy in the frame work of social work as an emerging profession in an emerging state, and in an environment characterized by political, social and economic instability.

Merav Moshe Grodofsky

The Contribution of Law and Social Work to Interdisciplinary Community Development and Peace Building in the Middle East.
Journal of Community Practice, Vol. 15, Issue 1 (2007:45-65).

This article outlines how social work and legal theory advance the development of community networks for the promotion of social rights. These interdisciplinary principles are applied to peace building and to the development of the ICAN network and Rights Based Practice Centers. Implications for interdisciplinary training for schools of social work are also discussed.

Jim Torczyner

The application of human rights advocacy theory to organizational innovation in Israel: The Genesis Israel/Community Advocacy experience
International Journal of Social Welfare, Vol. 10 (2001:85-96).

This article outlines the ideological, theoretical and practice principles of Rights Based Practice and applies it to Community Advocacy—the first initiative in the Middle East.

Merav Moshe Grodofsky

Peace building: a conceptual framework
International Journal of Social Welfare, Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2001:14-27).

An interdisciplinary legal and social work framework for peace building is presented. Three conditions are identified as central to the peace building process; the establishment of inclusive and autonomous communities, the recognition of the legitimacy of each community, and peace building.

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