Get involved

ICAN is about Community

The strength of ICAN is in the people who are involved in each country, raising awareness of rights and helping people access rights and entitlements under their own power. From the staff, volunteers and beneficiaries at RBCP centres in the Middle East, to the leadership of ICAN Israel, ICAN Jordan and ICAN Palestine, our people put people at the centre of their work.

Giving at Every Level Counts

All donations, large and small, are greatly appreciated and contribute to ICAN's ongoing success. Every dollar donated triples in value on the ground. Donations may be directed toward ICAN in Montreal or to ICAN  in one of the countries where we are active. 


    • You can give online here.

    • You can also call us at (514) 398-2901 and pay by credit card (Mastercard or Visa)

    • To pay by cheque, please make your tax deductible donation payable to: McGill University - ICAN Donations. Please send all checks to our mailing address at: 

      ICAN McGill
      Wilson Hall, Room 113
      3506 University Street
      Montreal, QC H3A 2A7

    ICAN Giving Options

    Your contribution impacts our work at every level. Below are but a few of our funding needs:

    $50 helps one case from an Open-Door Clinic access rights and entitlements, working together with trained volunteers and staff.
    $750 fully revitalizes the home of a low-income family in Palestine or Jordan. More than 600 families enjoy safe and secure housing, and a better quality of life, thanks to this program.
    $5,000 provides a volunteer training program at one of our centres.
    $25,000 supports one community organizer in one of our centers for a year.
    $100,000 supports a two-year fellowship at McGill University for an emerging civil society leader. 

    All donors receive a charitable tax receipt and contribute to a stronger, more equitable Middle East.

    Volunteer or Intern

    A number of international volunteers work in our centres at any given time. The McGill office has the capacity for one or two interns per year. Volunteers going to Israel, Palestine or Jordan to work in the centres will have a far better experience and be more useful if they are familiar with the ethos of the program before they go.

    Whether in Canada, the Middle East or elsewhere, if you are interested in volunteering with ICAN, please send a resume to ican [at] with a brief cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you.