Fellows 2018-2020

Haya Abu Kishek  is a Palestinian Social Worker from Lod, a mixed city in Israel. Her previous community organizing experience focused on Arab youth mobilization and supporting survivors of gender-based violence. Haya brings a unique perspective on life to the field of social work as a member of the Arab-Palestinian minority in Israel. Haya is one of two fellows, alongside Goni, to pilot the joint MSW degree at the Hebrew University and ICAN-McGill

Manar Assali  is a lawyer and advocate who has been the Executive Director of JCAN since 2011, ICANs affiliated centre in Kufr Aqab/ East Jerusalem. Her passion to support individuals and communities by becoming a lawyer was based on her family’s experience of being threatened with eviction from their home in Jerusalem. As director of JCAN, Manar established a legal advice program where ordinary citizens can get free legal counsel about a variety of issues they encounter including residency, access to services and family reunification.

Goni Ketain Meiri  is a social worker from Jerusalem who completed her BSW at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is one of two fellows to pilot the joint MSW degree at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and ICAN-McGill. Her experience before joining our program was focused on combining art with therapy and working with recently released prisoners in rehabilitation houses to help them reintegrate into society.

Nir Fytlovich  is a social worker from Be'er sheva, Israel, whose commitment to community-building and working with people from all cultures and walks of life has pushed him to pursue the ICAN MSW fellowship. Most of his work has focused on individuals, from children to adults, with special needs, and assisting families in developing support systems.

Lyn Hawari  is a Palestinian social worker from Israel. She has served the Bedouin community in the Negev as a parole officer, child protection worker, therapist and mediator. Her most recent efforts were with the regional council for the unrecognised villages where she worked tirelessly to facilitate access to services and advocate for Bedouin communities in unrecognized villages.

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