About the Fellowship

ICAN's most important component of institutional capacity building has been its International MSW Fellowship. ICAN provides a two-year Fellowship to persons in the forefront of civil society and social justice in Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. More than 60 Fellowship alumni have built and strengthened partner institutions and RBCP centres in their respective societies. Some have moved on to other institutions across the Middle East to advance social justice, leading major local and international NGOs and government ministries and serving as public interest lawyers, among other roles.

The Fellowship focuses on interdisciplinary practice in the fields of social work and social welfare, access to law, and respect for human rights. Fellows participate in the program as representatives of the rights-based community practice centres in the Middle East. They spend their first year in Montreal at McGill University and their second year working and conducting research in one of the Centres in the region. At the end of the program, Fellows obtain graduate degrees in social work through the ICAN Special International MSW Fellowship Program at McGill. After this two-year commitment, Fellows are expected to spend at least four additional years working in the practice centres. Alumni, of which there are now 66 (including non-academic Community Practice Fellows), remain connected to the program through their ongoing promotion of the values of the program in their professional lives and their commitment to advancing social justice.

A unique and specialized program of study is designed for the cohort of students in this Program. It is further individualized for each participant in order to best meet the objectives of each Fellow, and his or her sponsoring partner institution, and Practice Centre.

You can get to know our 2018 Fellows here or through updates in our newsletters, as well as on Facebook or Twitter!

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