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Hear Our Voices Youth Empowerment Project

The "Hear Our Voices" project works to empower juvenile victims of institutional violence in East Jerusalem. The program targets traumatized minors who have been violated and arrested, along with the families and mothers of trauma survivors. JCAN organizes legal and social sessions designed to make minors and their parents aware of youth rights and to provide these youth with constructive, nonviolent outlet through which to experess their experiences of institutional violence.

To read the full report, please click here.

Access to Justice in Palestine

Through the Access to Justice project, thousands of residents in remote areas of the West Bank and in East Jerusalem now hold vital knowledge of their rights, and many have access to legal services for the very first time and are beginning to actualize those rights.

Over the past several months legal awareness workshops have been held in eight villages and neighbourhoods; one-on-one legal consultations around residency rights, women’s rights and many other issues have drawn increasing numbers of individuals, with some clinics seeing more than 100 cases per month; and dozens of student and community volunteers have been trained to provide basic legal services.

Based on issues raised in legal awareness workshops and one-on-one consultations, the project team and volunteers have identified five major issues:

  1. inheritance rights for women;
  2. violence against women, especially domestic violence;
  3. children’s rights, specifically child neglect;
  4. family unification and child registration in East Jerusalem; and
  5. home demolitions in East Jerusalem.

Our team is now working to bring “case to cause” in these fields, by organizing large-scale campaigns to build confidence and competence in navigating the legal system to access these rights.

The Access to Justice Project is made possible by generous support from the Open Society Foundations.

Your contributuion has an impact at every level. Here are a few funding options:

  • $25 provides psychosocial support for one month to one hospital patient while on dialysis, receiving chemotherapy or blood transfusions and supports administrative hospital staff, doctors, and nurses
  • $50 helps one case from an Open-Door Clinic access rights and entitlements, working together with trained volunteers and staff
  • $100 supports a volunteer field day, for providing community services such as urban renewal campaigns, clean-ups, blood drives, and support to partner NGOs        
  • $250 provides Supportive Education to a school for one semester, providing tutoring and mentoring for children with low academic achievement due to socioeconomic and psychological challenges
  • $500 supports an anti-violence intervention in one school, consisting of workshops to reduce levels of violence and corporeal punishment
  • $750 fully revitalizes the home of a low-income family. More than 600 families enjoy safe and secure housing, and a better quality of life, thanks to this program
  • $1,000 provides psychosocial and in-kind support to 160 elderly people living independently and in retirement homes for one month
  • $2,500 supports rural legal awareness lectures and consultations with lawyers in 5 villages for two months
  • $5,000 provides a volunteer training program at one of our centres, developing new community leaders in marginalized neighbourhoods
  • $25,000 supports one community organizer in one of our centers for a year
  • $100,000 provides a full two-year fellowship for a student from Palestine in the next cohort of fellows in 2014-2015

PCAN in the Media:

On April 3, Dr. Sami al-Kilani and Dr. Varsen Aghabekian visited Montreal to share PCAN's work.

You can view video footage of their public talk here:


Please click here to listen to a radio interview with PCAN's own Dr. Sami al-Kilani, on CKUT's "Under the Olive Tree", April 5, 2012.

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