ICAN's Palestinian Partners



An Najah National University in Nablus recently opened a new campus to accommodate its growing student body. The University has over 16,000 students and includes 13 faculties and 22 departments for graduate study. A unique university-wide initiative enables more than 3000 students each year, from across all disciplines, to perform 32 hours of volunteer work in the community, coordinated by the Nablus RBCP centre. An-Najah is deeply committed to university-community partnerships.


Jerusalem Community Advocacy Network (JCAN)

Following the Rights-Based Community Practice (RBCP) model, the Jerusalem Community Advocacy Network (JCAN) works with the model to help residents advocate for and secure their social rights in East Jerusalem.


PCAN, incorporated in 2011, is a national organization in Palestine, founded by committed professionals with more than ten years' experience through ICAN in the field of rights based community practice (RBCP). They are working to expand the rights-based model in Palestine, building capacity and resources of RBCP centres. There are currently four member-centres in the network.

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