A world in which all people can access and realize their rights, and have a voice in shaping the decisions that affect their lives.

"The power to affect change is in the hands of the people"


ICAN works to empower communities and societies in order to promote a regional culture whereby all people share the same rights, irrespective of where they live, who they are, their religion, gender, social and economic status or abilities in which they have access to justice, and a voice in shaping the decisions that affect their lives.

To advance interdisciplinary research and programs designed to empower communities, ameliorate poverty, promote civil society and Canadian values in the Middle East. ICAN promotes the development of academically linked, professionally managed and volunteer driven rights based practice centers located in the most impoverished neighborhoods in the region, designed to make academic expertise accessible to the most marginal populations, to provide field learning opportunities for McGill students, to promote cross cultural research and practice in this field

To have a direct impact on the social and economic conditions of disadvantaged communities by advancing civil society and to ensure that people have a role to play in the policy decisions that affect their lives

This project is designed to enable and enhance the relationships among residents of disadvantaged neighbourhoods, community organizations, and key actors among local and national governments.  The project focuses on social justice, rule of law, equity, environment, health, peace and security, with great emphasis on the empowerment of children, youth and women.  The people reached by MMEP are among the poorest, most marginalized in their societies.