For over two decades, ICAN McGill (formerly The McGill Middle East Program in Civil Society and Peace Building) has advanced the rights of the most marginal—women, children, the voiceless and powerless--through a successful network of nine academic and civil society partners, eleven front-line rights-based community action centres and hundreds of committed professionals and volunteers.  This network operates in Palestine, Jordan and Israel and advances the Canadian feminist agenda of empowering women by promoting their ability to access public institutions, by opening up professional career opportunities, by counteracting all forms of violence, by developing awareness among women and men, by providing supportive education for young women to remain in school, and by promoting their inclusion and participation in all matters which affect their welfare. Promoting these values of democracy, human rights and pluralism while alleviating economic inequality and building resilience among the most disenfranchised and marginalized citizens of the Middle East fits to the letter the feminist international development agenda of Canada.


  1. To strengthen academic institutions to provide advanced level training to Jordanians, Palestinians, and Israelis evidencing unique abilities and experience in the broad field of civil society and peace building.
  2. To have a direct impact on the social and economic conditions of disadvantaged communities by establishing a network of multi disciplinary, storefront practice centers in Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian inner cities.
  3. To advance civil society culture and peace building by encouraging  direct collaboration among all participants in the region engaged in these fields through the building of people-to-people relationships, and the development of regional programs.