ICAN Mideast Experience Trip, October 2018

ICAN - International Community Action Network

ICAN will host its second edition of the ICAN MidEast Experience trip, a social, cultural, and political tour of Jordan, Israel, and Palestine visiting the work ICAN does in the region to advance community development and peace building

ICAN is now recruiting its 7th cohort for September 2018

ICAN Fellow ' 14 Amit Kitain was listed by Israel's most popular newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth as one of 50 most influential social activists of 2017. 

Executive Director, Dr. Amal Elsana was chosen to be one of 100 visionaries Einstein Legacy Project contributing to the book. Dr. Elsana shared her vision about Peace Building and Women Empowerment

​The International Community Action Network (ICAN) is committed to creating a world in which all people share the same rights

We believe that social justice is the most reliable foundation for strong, healthy, and tolerant communities. Since 1993, ICAN has established 11 rights-based practice community centres in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Palestine, Jordan and Israel.  These ICAN centres provides basic human rights such as legal aid, education, housing, and more to over 120,000 people each year, implementing programs that engage, educate and empower the citizens most affected by conflict, economic hardship, and instability. More than 62 alumni have trained in community organizing as part of ICAN's International MSW Fellowship. These Fellows continue to work at these centres and across the Middle East to advance social justice.


Rights-Based Community Practice:
Empowering the Community to Effect Change

ICAN trains its Master's students in an approach called Rights-Based Community Practice (RBCP), developed at McGill University, in which Social Work and Law work together to promote the rule of law among people of diversity both within and between different social groups. RBCP is driven by the notion that the people within their own community are the best placed to know exactly what their community needs and how best to serve them. The underlying principles of RBCP are as follows: LEARN MORE 


ICAN's Graduates have Established Centres in Jordan, Palestine, and Israel


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