Montréal-area scholars wishing to affiliate with ICAMES should submit a request and accompanying CV.

ICAMES Directors

Dr. Rex Brynen (McGill) (Director)
Political Reform in the Arab World
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet
Peacebuilding and Donor Assistance

Dr. Khalid Mustafa Medani (McGill)
African and Middle East Politics, Islam and Politics, Informal Economies, Political Economy of Development, Ethnic and Civil Conflict

Dr. Paul Noble (McGill)
The Arab Regional System
Arab Foreign Policies

Dr. Laila Parsons (McGill)
History of the 20th-century Middle East

Dr. Marie-Joëlle Zahar (Montréal)
The Politics of Powersharing
State Reconstruction
Lebanese Politics

Senior research fellows

Dr. Malek Abisaab (McGill)
Social and intellectual history of medieval and pre-modern Islamic societies; Twelver Shi'ite theology and political thought; socio-religious transformation in modern Shi'ite societies

Dr. Rula J. Abisaab (McGill)
Modern Middle East history; labour and gender studies

Dr. Muge Aknur (Dokuz Eylul University) 
Civil-Military Relations in Turkey, The Muslim Brotherhood in Politics in Egypt

Dr. Ahmed Al-Rawi (Concordia)
Social media and mass communication in the Middle East

Dr. Rachad Antonius (UQAM)
Arab Societies, Middle East Conflicts, Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods

Dr. Omar Ashour (Exeter)
Deradicalization of Islamist movements

Dr. Ersel Aydinli (Bilkent)
Globalization and the Turkish State

Roksana Bahramitash (Montreal)
Women's employment and entrepreneurship in MENA 

Dr. Ceren Belge (Concordia)
Kurdish conflict, transformation of judicial power in Turkey

Dr. Patrice Brodeur (Montréal)
Islam, Pluralism, and Globalization

Dr. Neil Caplan 
Arab-Israeli Peace Negotiations

Dr. Francesco Cavatorta (Laval)
Salafism after the Arab Spring, Moderation of islamist parties, State-society relations 

Dr. Pamela Chrabieh (American University in Dubai)
Islam, Pluralism, and Globalization

Dr. Janine A. Clark (Guelph)
Gender, Islam and politics in the Middle East

Dr. James Devine (Mount Allison)
Foreign Policy and Security in the Middle East, the politics of Iran

Dr. Ali Ghanbarpour-Dizboni (Royal Military College)

Dr. F. Gregory Gause III (Texas A&M)
International Relations of the Middle East, Politics of the Arabian Peninsula

Dr. Avi Goldberg (Vanier College)
Israeli social movements

Dr. Laure Guirguis (UdeM)
Community and political violence in Egypt, Lebanon, Israel-Palestine

Dr. Ratiba Hadj-Moussa (York)
Maghreb countries, sociology of culture and political sociology

Dr. Michelle Hartman (McGill)
Modern Arabic Literature

Dr. Cédric Jourde (Ottawa)
Islam and Ethnicity in the Maghreb, Neoauthoritarian Regimes, Maghreb-Sahel Relations

Dr. Thomas Juneau (University of Ottawa)
Iranian foreign policy, security in Yemen, and international relations theory

Dr. Patricia Kelly Spurles (Mount Allison)
Anthropology, Gender, Muslim Socities

Dr. Mehmet Karabela (Ipek University)
Middle Eastern intellectual history.

Dr. Arang Keshavarzian (NYU)
Iranian Politics, Political Economy of the Middle East

Dr. Atif Khan 
Problems and prospects for effective regionalization in the Middle East

Dr. Line Khatib (AUS)
Secularism, Islam, and politics in the Middle East

Dr. Bahgat Korany (AUC)
Inter-Arab politics, Arab foreign policy

Dr. Marc Lanteigne (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs)
Afghan Reconstruction, Central Asian Security

Dr. Matteo Legrenzi (Ottawa)
International Relations of the Gulf, Regionalism in the Middle East

Marc Lemieux 
Iraqi politics; post-conflict transitions; democratization

Dr. Setrag Manoukian (McGill)
Anthropology and History of Iran, Production of knowledge

Dr. Sarah-Myriam Martin-Brûlé (Bishop's)
Strategies of intervention in intra-state conflicts, failed states; oil rent; Middle East politics

Dr. Merouan Mekouar (York)
Political mobilization in the "Arab Spring", revolutions and informational cascades

Dr. Pete W. Moore (Case Western Reserve)
Business-Government Relations in the Middle East

Dr. Ali Munhanif
Islamist Political Mobilization in Egypt and Indonesia

Dr. Julie M. Norman (Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice, Queen's University)
Unarmed resistance in Israel-Palestine, media activism, legal advocacy and prison/detention policies 

Dr. Pierre C. Pahlavi (Canadian Forces College)
Strategies of Influence, Iran

Dr. Najat Rahman (Montréal)
Arabic and Francophone literature

Dr. David Romano (Missouri State University)
Kurdish Nationalism, Post-War Iraq

Dr. Paul Rowe (Trinity Western)
Christian Minorities in the Arab World

Dr. Bassel Salloukh (Lebanese American University)
Foreign Policy and State-Society Relations

Dr. Brent Sasley (UTexas at Arlington)
Israeli Politics and Foreign Policy, Turkish Politics and Foreign Policy

Dr. Ora Beach Szekely (Clark)
Palestinian refugees; humanitarian law; militias; new media, propaganda, and political mobilization

Dr. Emre Unlucayakli 
Religious field in Turkey, official and public discourse on religion in Turkey.

Dr. Stefan Winter (UQAM)
Middle East history; Ottoman era

Visiting research fellows

ICAMES has no funds available to support post-doctoral or other visiting researchers. However it is able to offer research facilities to externally-funded researchers who will be in Montréal. To apply, please submit a formal letter of application (detail your research, funding sources, and proposed period of your visit), together with a CV. Doctoral and post-doctoral researchers should also submit a letter of reference, usually from their doctoral supervisor. Space is extremely limited.

Dr. Carol Gray (Concordia)
An oral history of an Egyptian human rights organization

(Graduate) Research fellows

Montréal-area graduate students wishing to affiliate with ICAMES should submit a request and description of their graduate research.

Heba Al Fara (McGill)
Palestinian-Israeli conflict; refugee politics; statelessness; peace building and peace keeping

Niels Appeldorn (McGill)
Civil war and conflict resources; rent economies and rentier states, with a special interest in "political rentier states" like Jordan; the situation of the Kurds, especially their statehood question and their quasi-statehood in Iraq.

Sihem Attalah (McGIll)
Colonial legacy in North-Africa; Ethnic and civil conflicts; Identity politics. 

Alaine-Michel Ayache (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Hala Chaarani (Université de Montréal)
Citizenship in the post 9/11 world: Arab-Americans in the United States

Islam Amine Derradji (Université de Montréal)
Political mobilization in the "Arab Spring" 

Sharna Dey (McGill)
Effect of nuclear proliferation on conventional crises

Giulia El-Dardiry (McGill)
Forced migration; Palestinian and Iraqi refugees; identity politics

Imane Drissi El-Bouzaidi (McGill)
Civil-military relations in Egypt; North African counter-terrorism strategies and electoral politics in the MENA region

Eric Freeman (McGill)
Corruption and the political economy of the Arab Spring

Sherif Fouad (McGill)

Isabel Heck (Montréal)
Community Organizations in Iran

Sarah Ghabrial (McGill)
Family law reform in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century Algeria 

Amina Hassan Khalil (UQAM)
Media and politics 

Sari Madi (Université de Montréal)
Poverty and income inequalities in the Middle-East and the Arab world

Anne-Laure Mahé (Université de Montréal)
Authoritarian resiliency in Sudan: practices of participatory development and the reproduction of relationships of power

Solène Maillet (Université de Montréal)
French policy in the Middle East and North Africa since 1962

Bruno Marot (McGill)
Globalization and conflict cities; peacebuilding; the politics of post-war reconstruction in Beirut

Kathleen Mccabe (McGill)
Peacekeeping; post-conflict reconstruction

Shoghig Mikaelian (Concordia)
Separatist movements; conflict, security, and peace-making; political Islam

Jonathan Montpetit (McGill)

Ecem Oskay (McGill)
The international refugee regime, refugee agency, migration, and peace-building

François-Xavier Plasse-Couture (Hawaii)
Israeli security; identity politics; critical theory

Rima Rassi (Concordia)
Palestinian refugees, transitional justice

Robert Stewart (Exeter)
Islamist political parties, transitional justice in the Arab world.

Jeffrey Sachs (McGill)
Islamic political thought; Islamization in Sudan, Egypt, and Pakistan

Mark Sanagan (McGill)
The Arab-Israeli conflict; the British Empire; Islamist movements

Mohamed Sesay (McGill)
Transitional justice; post-conflict peace building

Allen Stack (McGill)

Samine Tabatabaei (McGill)
Contemporary art of the Middle East

Saaz Taher (Université de Montréal)

Hicham Tiflati (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Islamic schooling; identity and citizenship

Daria Tilimpea (McGill)
Israel-Palestine conflict; public opinion and political preferences

Vahid Yücesoy (Université de Montréal)
Political Islam; rentier states; Iranian and Turkish politics

Habib Zaarour (Université de Montréal)
National Politics as Elite Politics: Syria in the Inter-War Period

Hiba Zerrougui (McGill)
North African state-society relations; patronage politics; contentious politics; and political change in authoritarian regimes