Collaborative Projects

For a list of individual research projects, see the ICAMES researchers page. 

  • Authoritarianism and Democratization in the Arab World (Brynen, Zahar, Salloukh, Moore, Clark, Mekouar)
  • Empowering Citizens: Elections, Civil Society and Peacebuilding (Salloukh, Zahar)
  • Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet (

Recent Books by ICAMES authors


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Year   Title     Publisher

Kirsten J. Fisher and Robert Stewart, eds


Transitional Justice and The Arab Spring Routledge

Rex Brynen and Roula el-Rifai, eds.


 Compensation to Palestinian Refugees and the Search for Palestinian-Israeli Peace 

London:Pluto Press

Rex Brynen, Pete Moore, Bassel Salloukh, and Marie-Joëlle Zahar 2012 Beyond the Arab Spring: Authoritarianism and Democratization in the Arab World Boulder: Lynne Rinner Publishers
Laure Guirguis  2012 Les coptes d’Egypte. Violences communautaires et transformations politiques Paris: Karthala
Bahgat Korany and Rabab el Mahdi, eds. 2012 Arab Spring in Egypt: Revolution and Beyond Cairo: American University in Cairo Press
Paul S. Rowe 2012 Religion and Global Politics Toronto:  Oxford University Press Canada
Maia Carter Hallward and Julie M. Norman, eds.  2011 Nonviolent Resistance: Activism and Advocay in the Second Intifada  New York: Palgrave MacMillan
Line Khatib 2011 Islamic Revivalism in Syria: The Rise and Fall of Ba'thist Secularism New York: Routledge
Ersel Aydinli  2010 Emerging Transnational (In)security Governance: A Statist Transnationalist Approach London: Routledge
John Dyck, Paul Rowe, and Jens Zimmermann, eds. 2010 Politics and the Religious Imagination London: Routledge
Line Khatib, Raphael Lefevre and Jawad Qureshi 2010 State and Islam in Baathist Syria, Confrontation or Co-optation

The St. Andrews Papers on Contemporary Syria. Lynne Rienner 

Bahgat Korany, ed. 2010 The Changing Middle East: A New Look at Regional Dynamics Cairo: American University in Cairo Press
Julie M. Norman 2010 The Second Palestinian Intifada:Civil Resistance London: Routledge 
Malek Abisaab  2009 Militant Women of a Fragile Nation Syracuse University Press
Rachad Antonius, Micheline Labelle and François Rocher 2009 Immigration, diversité et sécurité, les associations arabo-musulmanes face a l'État au Canada et au Québec.  Montreal:Presses de l'Université du Québec
Omar Ashour 2009 The De-Radicalization of Jihadists: Transforming Armed Islamist Movements New York: Routledge
Patrice Brodeur and Ina Merdjanova  2009 Religion as a Conversation Starter: Interreligious Dialogue for Peacebuilding in the Balkans  London: Continuum Press
Pamela Chrabieh  2009 La gestion de la diversité au Liban, visions de jeunes du secondaire Beyrouth: Dar el-Machreq
F. Gregory Gause III 2009 The International Relations of the Persian Gulf  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Muge Aknur 2008 Civil-military Relations in Turkey: An Analysis of Civilian Leaders Berlin: VDM Verlag
Pamela Chrabieh 2008 Voix-es de paix au Liban. Contribution de jeunes de 25-40 ans à la reconstruction nationale Beyrouth: Dar el-Machreq
Bahgat Korany and Ali E. Hillal Dessouki, eds. 2008 The Foreign Policies of Arab States: The Challenge of Globalization Cairo: American University in Cairo Press
Najat Rahman 2008 Mahmoud Darwish, Exile’s Poet: Critical Essays Northampton, MA: Interlink Press
Stephen Saideman and Marie-Joëlle Zahar, eds. 2008 Intra-State Conflicts, Governments and Security: Dilemmas of Deterrence and Assurance London: Routledge
Arang Keshavarsian  2007 Bazar and State in Iran: Politics of the Tehran Marketplace  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Rex Brynen and Roula el-Rifai, eds. 2007 Palestinian Refugees: Challenges of Repatriation and Development London: I.B. Tauris
Mark Charlton and Paul Rowe eds.  2007  Crosscurrents: International Development Toronto: Nelson
Najat Rahman 2007 Literary Disinheritance: The Writing of Home in the Work of Mahmoud Darwish and Assia Djebar Lanham, MD: Lexington Press
Patrice Brodeur and Sondra Myers eds.  2006 The Pluralist Paradigm: Democracy and Religion in the 21th Century Scranton, PA: Scranton University Press
Patrice Brodeur and Eboo Patel  2006 Building the Interfaith Youth Movement: Beyond Dialogue to Action Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield 
David Romano 2006 The Kurdish Nationalist Movement: Opportunity, Mobilization and Identity Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Micheline Labelle, Rachad Antonius and Georges Leroux 2005 Le devoir de mémoire et les politiques du pardon Montreal: Presses de l'Université du Québec
Ersel Aydinli and James N. Rosenau, eds. 2005 Paradigms in Transition: Globalization, Security and the Nation State Albany: SUNY Press
Bassel Salloukh and Rex Brynen, eds. 2004 Persistent Permeability? Regionalism, Localism, and Globalization in the Middle East  London: Ashgate
Janine A. Clark 2004 Islam, Social Welfare, and the Middle Class: Networks, Activism, and Charity in Egypt, Yemen and Jordan  Bloomington: Indiana University Press
Pete Moore 2004 Doing Business in the Middle East: Politics and Economic Crisis in Jordan and Kuwait Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Rex Brynen 2000 A Very Political Economy: Peacebuilding and Foreign Aid in the West Bank and Gaza  Washington DC: United States Institute of Peace Press
Laila Parsons 2000 The Druze Between Palestine and Israel, 1947-49 London: Palgrave Macmillan
Neil Caplan and Laura Zittrain Eisenberg 1998 Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: Patterns, Problems, Possibilities Bloomington: Indiana University Press
 Rex Brynen,Bahgat Korany, and Paul Noble, eds. 1998 Political Liberalization and Democratization in the Arab World (Volume 2): Comparative Experiences  Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers
Rex Brynen, Bahgat Korany, and Paul Noble, eds. 1995 Political Liberalization and Democratization in the Arab World (Volume 1): Theoretical Perspectives Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers
F. Gregory Gause III 1994 Oil Monarchies: Domestic and Security Challenges in the Arab Gulf States New York: Council on Foreign Relations Press
Bahgat Korany, Paul Noble and Rex Brynen, eds. 1993 The Many Faces of National Security in the Arab World London: Macmillan
Ali Dessouki, Bahgat Korany et al, 1991 The Foreign Policies of Arab States Boulder: Westview Press
Rex Brynen, ed., 1991 Echoes of the Intifada: Regional Repercussions of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Boulder: Westview Press, 1991

* Published in conjunction with ICAMES.

Recent papers and articles

Papers, presented at ICAMES or delivered by ICAMES researchers elsewhere, can be found in the events section. 

Web Internet projects

ICAMESNET is a listserv discussion list for Canadian (and other) faculty and graduate students engaged in research on the Middle East. To subscribe, submit an email request (including a brief self-description) to the list coordinator, rex.brynen [at] (Rex Brynen).

FOFOGNET is an email news and discussion digest on the Palestinian refugee issue, intended for researchers, policy-makers, development workers, NGOs, and others professionally involved with the Palestinian refugee issue. It forms part of ICAMES's larger Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet project. To subscribe, submit an email request (including a brief self-description) to the list coordinator, ( rex.brynen [at] (Rex Brynen) ).