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The Huffington PostLa fabrique de l'ennemi intime: comment le mantra du «choc des civilisations» s'est diffuséIslam Derradji, 2016-10-01 (PDF)

Le Devoir, L’indépendance en suspens du Sahara occidental, Islam Derradji, 2016-06-29 

RT News, ‘Crush apostates! Overthrow infidels!’ Welcome to ISIS – the board game, Rex Brynen, 2016-06-13

Economist, The pluses and minuses of monarchy, Merouan Mekouar, 2016-06-11(PDF)

Huffington Post, It’s Open Season On the Muslim Brotherhood, Omar Ashour, 2016-04-21

Time, What the Murder of an Italian Student Says About Egypt’s Security State, Omar Ashour, 2016-04-08

Brookings, Rethinking language: "Islamism" as a dirty word, Omar Ashour, 2016-04 (PDF)

CTV News, Footage shows destruction in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra, Rex Brynen, 2016-03-29 (PDF)

Washington Post, Why it’s wrong to say that the Arab uprisings failed, Merouan Mekouar, 2016-03-28 (PDF)

Washington Post, How cronyism and lack of accountability are holding Morocco back, Merouan Mekouar, 2016-03-24 (PDF)

Middle East Eye, Sinai’s tragedy: Between brutal repression and armed insurgency, Omar Ashour, 2016-03-07

Gulf News, Why terrorists' presence in Yemen is not good for its neighbours, Omar Ashour, 2016-03-15

Time, These Are the Most Wanted Members of ISIS, Omar Ashour, 2016-03-15

Le Devoir, Un pas vers la démocratie?, Islam Derradji, 2016-02-16 (PDF)

Ahram, Iran vs Saudi: Oman's neutrality may be key to resolving region's conflicts, Rex Brynen, 2016-02-14 (PDF)



À Babord, Mobilisations algériennes contre les gaz de schiste: Lutter dans un État rentier, Islam Derradji, 2015-12 (PDF)

CBC, ISIS: 5 essential things to know about the jihadi group's ideology, Rex Brynen, 2015-11-26 (PDF)

Foreign Affairs, Sinai's Stubborn Insurgency: Why Egypt Can't Win, Omar Ashour, 2015-11-08

Middle East Eye, The military: Sisi's real political support base, Omar Ashour, 2015-11-01

Global News, Terrorist attacks simulated in Montreal,  Rex Brynen, 2015-10-25

Foreign Affairs, Arab Israelis Step Out: Nationalism, Identity, and the Violence in Jerusalem, Brent Sasley, 2015-10-14

The Globe and Mail, Is the narrative starting to change on the Palestinian refugee crisis?, Rex Brynen, 2015-09-11

The Guardian, A day in the life of the UN, Marie-Joëlle Zahar, 2015-09-08 (PDF)

La Presse, Crise des déchets au Liban: une odeur de corruption, Marie-Joëlle Zahar, 26-08-2015 (PDF)

Al-Jazeera, Muzzling the media: Egypt's new 'anti-terror' laws. Omar Ashour, 22-08-2015 (PDF)

al-Ahram OnlineAssad knot cripples Saudi-Iranian-Russian diplomatic blitz. Rex Brynen, 19-08-2015 (PDF)

BBC, Enduring repression and insurgency in Egypt's Sinai. Omar Ashour, 13-18-2015 (PDF)

The New York Times, ISIS Affiliate in Egypt Says It Has Beheaded Croatian Prisoner. Omar Ashour, 12-08-2015 (PDF)

Brookings Institution, Between ISIS and a failed state: The saga of Libyan Islamists. Omar Ashour, 08-2015 (PDF)

Foreign Affairs, Deal with it: How Israel Can Live with the Iranian Nuclear Agreement. Brent Sasley, 17-07-2015 

La Presse, Bande de Gaza: les ingrédients d'une autre guerre. Rex Brynen, 09-07-2015 (PDF)

Al Jazeera, Egypt’s extrajudicial killings. Omar Ashour, 04-07-2015 (PDF)

IRIN, Can the UN's agency for Palestinians be fixed? Rex Brynen, 03-07-2015 (PDF)

Al Jazeera, Egypt’s Sinai problem escalates as President Sisi cracks down. Omar Ashour, 02-07-2015 (PDF)

Le Devoir, L’économie avant les droits de la personne. Marie-Joëlle Zahar, 09-06-2015

L'Orient le Jour,  Les condamnés à mort d’Égypte. Omar Ashour, 05-06-2015

CTV News, Canadian youth with 'identity issues' drawn to radicalization: expertRex Brynen, 20-05-2015

Foreign Affairs, Built Bibi Tough. Brent Sasley, 19-05-2015 

CBC News, New ISIS threats and boasts show caliphate in 'decline'. Rex Brynen, 16-04-2015

The Japan Times, What good is an Arab armed alliance? Omar Ashour, 14-04-2015

The Washington Post, What changes to Morocco’s laws could mean for opposition groups? Merouan Mekouar, 08-04-2015

Foreign Affairs, Israel's Right Turn. Brent Sasley, 24-03-2015

The Washington Post, The weakening of the Israeli left. Brent Sasley, 19-03-2015

UN Political Affairs, Women in the Spotlight. Marie-Joëlle Zahar, 17-03-2015

Politics and Society,  Rise in bombings ahead of conference alarms officials in Egypt. Omar Ashour, 09-03-2015

Reuters, The cracks in Islamic State’s business plan are starting to show. Ora Szekely, 20-02-2015

CBC News, ISIS in Libya: Civil war provides 'space' for radical jihadists. Rex Brynen, 19-02-2015

The Washington Post, Deradicalization revisited. Omar Ashour, 18-02-2015

La Presse, Le Canada formera les policiers égyptiens. Rex Brynen, 06-02-2015

The New York TimesISIS Tactics Questioned as Hostages Dwindle. Ora Szekely, 01-02-2015



La Presse, Égypte requiem pour une révolution. Rex Brynen, 05-12-2014 

Foreign Affairs, Israel's Tangled Democracy. Brent Sasley, 03-12-2014

The Washington Post, The Politics of Israel's Security Officers. Brent Sasley, 21-11-2014

CBC, Is seizing passports of potential violent radicals putting Canadians at risk? Rex Brynen, 24-10-2014

Aljazeera, Canada's innocence, Rex Brynen, 23-10-2014

Montreal Gazette, Radicalization: Why do Western youth join extremist groups? Rex Brynen, 23-10-2014

Le Devoir, La voie précaire du dialogue. Marie-Joëlle Zahar, 08-10-2014.

World Politics Review, Islamic State’s Threat to Jordan Could Drag Israel Into Syria’s Conflict, Brent Sasley, 06-10-2014

CTV News, Air Campaign 'is a band-aid' fix, Rex Brynen, 04-10-2014

La Presse, La stratégie des frappes de l'EI, Rex Brynen, 24-09-2014

Le Devoir, Ottawa adopte une mesure arbitraire, Rex Brynen, 23-09-2014 

The Huffington Post, Why An Anti-ISIS Coalition Could Be 'A Problem', Rex Brynen, 16-09-2014 

Aljaeera, Egypt's president: powerto the people?, Omar Ashour, 07-09-2014

Haaretz, Despair won’t advance liberal Zionists’ agenda, Brent Sasley, 02-09-2014

La Presse, Les armes se taisent à Gaza, Rex Brynen, 27-08-2014

CTV News, Islamic State attracts youthRex Brynen, 16-08-2014

Foreign Affairs, President Erdogan, A Prime Minister Plan for the Presidency, Claire Sadar and Brent Sasley, 12-08-2014 

Ynet, Israel Should Engage International Community to Forge Peaceful FutureBrent Sasley, 04-08-2014

Radio-Canada, 5 questions pour comprendre les violences en Libye, Marie-Joëlle Zahar, 01-08-2014

La Presse,Conflit israélo-palestinien: des demandes irréconciliables?Rex Brynen, 30-07-2014

BBC News, Will Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood return to political violence?, Omar Ashour, 30-07-2014

The National, Is Israel Losing Its PR WarBrent Sasley, 29-07-2014

Politico Magazine, Israel Is Winning This WarBrent Sasley, 28-07-2014

CTV News, Israel and Hamas both want a ceasefire but they want it on their own terms, Rex Brynen, 24-07-2014 

Haaretz, Israel's Hollow Victory Over Hamas, Brent Sasley, 22-07-2014

La Presse,Proche-Orient: briser le cycle de violenceRex Brynen, 19-07-2014 

The Monkey Cage / Washington Post, Does the Gaza Operation Threaten Netanyahu's Political Future?, Brent Sasley, 18-07-2014

The National Interest, Israel's Real Problem: It Has No Strategy,Brent Sasley, 18-07-2014

La Presse, Conflit israélo-palestinien : «déclarer victoire» coûte que coûte, Rex Brynen, 12-07-2014

La Presse, Conflit israélo-palestinien: menaces et politique, Rex Brynen, 08-07-2014

La Presse, Conflit israélo-palestinien: à une étincelle de l'explosion, Rex Brynen, 06-07-2014

La Presse, Adolescents tués, deux peuples en colère, Rex Brynen, 03-07-2014.

AFP, Erdogan Presidency Risks Further Polarising Tense Turkey, Brent Sasley, 04-07-2014  

CTV News, Iraqi forces go on the offensive, Rex Brynen, 28-06-2014.

CTV News, Turning point in the conflict?, Rex Brynen, 26-06-2014.

CBC NewsISIS: 5 things to know about the Iraqi jihadist group. Rex Brynen, 24-06-2014.

La PresseLe monde arabe: un portrait inquiétant. Rex Brynen, 15-06-2014.

al-JazeeraWhat next for Egypt's new president? Omar Ashour, 12-06-2014.

al-JazeeraEgypt-Israel 'peace dividends' enrich elite. Omar Ashour, 10-06-2014.

Le Devoir, Soudan du Sud - La dangereuse pente ethnique. Marie-Joëlle Zahar, 10-06-2014.

Jerusalem Post, Neglecting Israel's Arab Community, Brent Sasley, 20-05-2014

The NationalPrince Mohammed appointment highlights Saudi Arabia’s terrorism concerns over SyriaGregory Gause III, 25-02-2014

The Washington Post, Slaying of South Korean tourists signals turn in Egypt’s Islamist insurgency. Omar Ashour, 16-02-2014

La PresseCampagne de boycottage: l'inquiétude monte en Israël. Rex Brynen, 14-02-2014

Al JazeeraArmed Institutions in Egyptian Constitutions. Omar Ashour, 14-01-2014

Haaretz, Israel Needs Borders, Not Therapy Brent Sasley, 15-01-2014

Huffington Post Canada, Harper's Israel Trip Comes Amid Changes Back HomeBrent Sasley, 15-01-2014

The GuardianSouth Sudan is divided by the spoils of oil, not ethnicity. Khalid Mustafa Medani, 14-01-2014

Gulfnews, Overhauling the terms of engagement. Gregory Gause III, 07-01-2014



Washington Post, How Erdoğan has reshaped Turkish politics, and what it means for current corruption scandal.  Brent Sasley, 27-12-2013

Jeune Afrique, Les Frères musulmans, déclarés "organisation terroriste", pourraient se radicaliser.  Omar Ashour, 26-12-2013

Al Jazeera, To kill or not to kill: Army and politics in post-revolution EgyptOmar Ashour, 19-12-2013

Gulfnews, 3 years on, Arabs grapple with unfulfilled hope.  Omar Ashour, 16-12-2013

Voice of Russia UKRussia and Egypt discuss arms deal after US cutbacksOmar Ashour, 14-11-2013

Euronews, Egyptian court upholds Muslim Brotherhood ban. Omar Ashour, 06-11-2013

CNN, Morsy's message of defiance? Omar Ashour, 05-11-2013

The Wall Street Journal, Jailed Saudi Blogger Who Angered Conservatives Is Freed. Gregory Gause III, 29-10-2013

Middle East Voices, Saudi Tiff with Washington Latest of Many. Gregory Gause III, 28-10-2013

Ottawa Citizen, Why you might be tempted to buy this Hezbollah t-shirt (and why you might want to think twice about that) Bassel Salloukh, 28-10-2013

Middle East Monitor, Human rights delegation aims to focus international attention on Egyptian army crimes. Omar Ashour, 25-10-2013

NPR, Why Is Saudi Arabia Bickering With The U.S.? Gregory Gause III, 23-10-2013

Al Jazeera, Brotherhood fights on despite legal setbacks. Omar Ashour, 18-10-2013

Al Jazeera, Saudi Arabia rejects UN Security Council seat. Gregory Gause III, 18-10-2013

Al Jazeera, Jewish Americans see generational split on Israel-PalestineBrent Sasley, 17-10-2013

Le FigaroÉgypte : les Frères musulmans mis hors la loi. Interview with Omar Ashour, 24-09-2013

BrookingsKings for All Seasons: How the Middle East’s Monarchies Survived the Arab Spring. Paper Gregory Gause III, 24-09-2013

Al Arabia, ‘Brand Sisi’ sweeps Egypt as sweet treats glorify army general. Interview with Omar Ashour, 23-09-2013 

BurlingtonFreePress, The Syrian crisis, deconstructed at UVM discussion. Panel with  Gregory Gause III, 22-09-2013

The Week, Qatar: The tiny nation that roared. Interview with Gregory Gause III, 22-09-2013 

Radio-CanadaUn voile et des propos qui font réagir à McGill.  Marie-Joëlle Zahar, 17-09-2013

Brooking, Ballots versus Bullets: The Crisis of Civil-Military Relations in Egypt. Op-ed Omar Ashour, 03-09-2013 

PRI's The World, Obama’s Abrupt Change in Syria Comes as a Shock to Experts, Allies, and Even Enemies. Interview with  Gregory Gause III, 03-09-2013    

The Daily Beast, AIPAC’s Position (Or Lack of One) on Syria.  Op-ed Brent Sasley, 02-09-2013 

The ShorthornCampus expert: US won’t engage. Interview with Brent Sasley, 02-09-2013 

Al MonitorFactional Politics Limit Effectiveness of Lebanon Army.  Interview with  Bassel Salloukh, 01-09-2013 

Foreign PolicyHow Assad might strike back. Op-ed Rex Brynen and Bilal Y. Saab, 28-08-2013

The Globe and Mail, Why Manning received 35-year sentence for WikiLeaks breach. Interview with Rex Brynen, 23-08-2013 

BBC News, Gaza: Hamas urges Egypt to reopen Rafah crossing. Interview with Omar Ashour, 23-08-2013  

L'Orient le jour, Le très bancal « numéro d’équilibriste » américain... Interview with Gregory Gause III, 23-08-2013     

The New York TimesIn Lebanon, Neighbor’s War Feels Like Its Own. Interview with Bassel Salloukh, 21-08-2013

BBC NewsEgypt: Return to a generals' republic? Op-ed Omar Ashour, 21-08-2013

Global PostWhy Saudi Arabia loves the Egyptian military? Interview with Gregory Gause III, 21-08-2013 

Le Monde, La région du Sinaï est devenue un sanctuaire djihadiste. Interview with Omar Ashour, 20-08-2013

Aljazeera, Middle East's shifting alignments. Interview with Gregory Gause III, 18-08-2013    

Brookings,  Egypt at a Bleak Crossroads. Op-ed Omar Ashour, 18-08-2013

The Washington PostU.S., allies were near a deal for peaceful end to Egypt crisis. Interview with  Gregory Gause III, 16-08-2013

La Presse, Provocation ou stratégie politique? Interview with Rex Brynen, 14-08-2013

The Daily Beast, Bibi's Settlements And Kerry's Restraint. Op-ed Brent Sasley, 13-08-2013 

Global Post, Coup or not, Egyptians love the military. Interview with Omar Ashour, 30-07-2013

L'Orient le jour, De l’urgence de démilitariser l’État égyptien...Op-ed Omar Ashour, 24-07-2013

The Daily BeastWhat Would a Referendum on Peace Ask? Op-ed Brent Sasley, 24-07-2013  

Voice of America, Middle East Peace, Talking about Talking. Interview with Brent Sasley, 24-07-2013  

Ahram Online, Back to the future?. Interview with Omar Ashour, 23-07-2013

Foreign Policy, The Domestic Politics of Israeli Peacemaking. Op-ed Brent Sasley, 22-07-2013 

BloombergBusinessweek, Sandbags Show Egypt Islamist Digging in Amid Protests. Interview with Omar Ashour, 19-07-2013

CNNAnalyst: Egypt should have waited for elections. Interview with Gregory Gause III, 19-07-2013

The World, Egypt at the Cross-Roads with No Positive Outcomes. Interview with Omar Ashour, 09-07-2013 

La Presse, Doit-on craindre une guerre civile en Égypte?  Interview with Rex Brynen, 09-07-2013

Voice of AmericaLebanon Faces Uncertain Futur if Assad Falls. Interview with Bassel Salloukh, 08-07-2013   

Business Day, Where will the showdownin Egypt End? Op-ed Omar Ashour, 03-07-2013

Your Middle East, Disarming Egypt's Militarized State. Op-ed Omar Ashour, 07-2013 

La Presse, Le président égyptien Mohamed Morsi vers la sortie? Interview with Rex Brynen, 28-06-2013