Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XL (2015)

Annals of Air and Space Law Volume XL

This edition of the Annals of Air and Space Law marks the 40th volume of the world's only bilingual journal specialised in the study of air and space law. This celebratory volume is dedicated to the life and contributions of the Director of the Institute of Air and Space Law and the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law, Professor Paul S Dempsey. The Preface contains a description of the intellectually stimulating and fascinating issues that are dealt with in this volume of the Annals.

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 I. Focus Section: Military Use of Outer Space—International Legal Perspectives

Rik Hansen, Jan Wouters and Philip de Man
Editorial perspective: Why the military use of outer space matters today

Stephan Hobe
The Meaning of “Peaceful Purposes” in Article IV of the Outer Space Treaty

Rik Hansen
The Role of the Air-Space Boundary in Regulating Military Use of Outer Space

Dale Stephens and Cassandra Steer
Conflicts in Space: International Humanitarian Law and its Application to Space Warfare

Helena Correia Mendonca, Magda Cocco and Juliana Macedo Scavuzzi dos Santos
International Laws Regulating Satellite Communications and their Intentional Disruption in Times of Peace and Conflict

Ram S. Jakhu and Kuan-Wei Chen
How Much is a Picture Worth? Selected Legal Issues of Sourcing Military Intelligence from Commercial Satellites

Lisa Tabassi and Robert Werzi
The Prohibition of Nuclear Testing in Outer Space

II.   Leading Articles / Articles de Fond

    A. Air Law/Droit AÉrien

Dayan Hochman
“We Will Persevere” — Survival and Ingenuity of Iranian Aviation in the Face of Political and Economic Adversity

Laurent Archambault et Alicia Mâzouz
L’envol des drones civils : Appréhension par le droit français d’une pratique émergente

Francisco E. Castillo-Ruiz
Property and Privacy Issues Arising from the Integration of Civil and Commercial Drones into the Domestic Airspace of the United States

Beixiao Liu
Suits by Foreigners in US Courts for Air Accidents Occurring Abroad—
Forum Non Conveniens after the Cour de Cassation’s Decision

Delphine Defossez
Towards an Optimised Sharing of the ANS Liability Risk in the Single European Sky

Philippine Dumoulin
Just Culture and Unjust Results: The Changing Paradigm

René David-Cooper
Landing Safety Management Systems (SMS) in Aviation: The Implementation of Annex 19 for Commercial Air Carriers in Canada

Charles E. Schlumberger and Shruti Vijayakumar
Public-Private Partnerships in Airports: Imperatives for Governments

Marios Seretis
Efficiencies in Airline Mergers in the United States and the European Union

Qian Chen
General Aviation Policies and Regulations in China

Juan He
The Rise of a Chinese Large Civil Aircraft Supplier: Standardisation, Certification and Policy Responses

Sarah Fox and Rosida Ismail
ASEAN Open Skies – Aviation Development in 2015: Blue or Cloudy Skies?

B. Space Law/Droit Spatial

Yun Zhao
Resolving Telecommunications Interconnection Disputes: The Way Forward for China?

Diego Zannoni
The Radio-Spectrum: International Regulation and Current Challenges.

Laurence Ravillon
Les Contentieux liés à la Défaillance d’un Objet Spatial : Aspects de droit de la Preuve

George S. Robinson
The Devolution of Space Law Positivisms and a Reassessment of Space Law Philosophy: Natural Law Theory Roots of Space Jurisprudence


III. Shorter articles and comments/articles courts et COMMENTAIRES

 Allan I. Mendelsohn
Unravelling Open Skies

Mclee Kerolle
The Cuban Thaw and its Effect on Air Charter Companies

Julianne S. Oh
Case Comment: The Korean Air ‘Nut Rage’ Incident

Alison Nathaniel
Comparative Analysis of Passenger Protection in the Aviation Industry: The Need for Reform in Canada

Adejoke O. Adediran
The Need for an International Legal Regime for Flight Cancellation and Denied Boarding

Avery Campbell
Mistake Fares in Canada and the United States

Marios Seretis
Restrictions on Airport Access through Slot Controls in Europe and the United States: Too Much but Too Bad, or Just Good Enough but Not for Everyone?

Mathieu Vaugeois
Reconnaissance de L’union Européenne à L’OACI et dans les instruments multilatéraux spécifiques de droit aérien


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