Background to the 3rd Manfred Lachs Conference:

NewSpace Commercialization and the Law

The term ‘NewSpace’ is commonly used within the industry, regulatory and policy circles pertaining to new commercial space endeavors, yet its precise definition is vague and does not appear to have been fully articulated.  Although difficult to define, several themes appear to apply unequivocally to the NewSpace movement: disruptive technologies, entrepreneurship, privately held companies, individual access to and settlement of space and exploitation of space resources. Through innovative technologies and practices, new production techniques and new products, NewSpace resurrects unresolved legal issues and brings forth new legal challenges.

By canvassing NewSpace endeavors, their technological developments and business initiatives, it will be possible to better understand the various legal challenges facing this nascent industry so as to initiate positive changes in law and policy and to appropriately address industry needs arising therefrom as well as protecting global public interest, public safety, environment and national and international security interests.

In order to comprehensively address these challenges, the 3rd Manfred Lachs Conference is organized as an international interdisciplinary on the theme of NewSpace Commercialization and the Law. The primary intent of this Conference is to provide an enabling environment for serious engagement and comprehensive deliberations to take place on all relevant aspects of NewSpace by representatives of all major stakeholders in the space sector acting in their personal or professional (as opposed to their official) capacities. 

The Conference will feature presentations related to the state of the art in current and future NewSpace activities, and the challenges they represent in terms of space law, policy and regulation. Particularly, it will address the existing unresolved issues and problems, and those that need to be confronted within the current or next decade in order to allow a responsible use of space by all stakeholders while integrating and facilitating the rise of NewSpace activities.  

The participants will discuss and critically analyze the current technical, economic, political, strategic, and legal challenges to the achievement of responsible commercialization of the NewSpace industry. The presentations, of about 20 minutes' duration, will specifically address topics listed at the following sessions.