World Economic Forum-McGill Workshop (2013)

Workshop on Bringing Space Down to Earth, 4-5 July 2013

The World Economic Forum's (WEF) Global Agenda Council on Space Security is currently working towards highlighting the crucial role that space technology plays in tackling numerous challenges on earth and the great potential that this technology has to solve various global and regional problems. For this purpose, the Council will launch a publication called Bringing Space Down to Earth, a guide to how space technologies can be used to address Earth's greatest challenges. In order to initiate the drafting of this publication, a brainstorming Workshop is organized at McGill University in Montreal.

Specific objectives of the Workshop were:

  1. To discuss Bringing Space Down to Earth and strengthen the publication’s content and value for non-space audiences;
  2. To brainstorm how workshop participants can collaborate to apply space-based solutions in practice;
  3. To identify concrete ways in which the Space Security Council can help non-space Global Agenda Councils to benefit from space derived applications and services.

In order to seek insights and expertise on how space technology can help in the resolution of major global challenges several external experts were invited to participate in the Workshop. This included members of the World Economic Forum’s Network of Global Agenda Councils.
The Workshop was an important opportunity for participating authors, invited experts and members of other WEF’s GACs to meet in an open forum, so as to exchange ideas on the various issues to be covered in the book on Bringing Space Down to Earth, and to report on the progress of their contributions, and, finally, seek input and perspectives included in the preliminary - draft research and debate of their implications for the comprehensiveness, coherence, quality and writing style.



Workshop on Bringing Space Down to Earth [.docx]

Presentations (alphabetical, by speaker)

V. Adamchuk - Precision Agriculture and Food Security [.doc]

H.P.S. Ahluwalia - Application of Space-Based Remote Sensing To Water Management [.docx]

C. Arévalo-Yepes - Sustainable development and Resilience [.doc]

S. Bochinger - Key Trends in Economics and Profitability of Space Investment [.doc]

M. Griffin - Aircraft navigation – a paradigm shift? [.docx]

J. Harvey - Capturing and Conveying the Essence of the Space Economy [.pdf]

R. Jakhu - Satellites for Enhancing Human Rights [.docx]

B. Jasani - Role of Satellites in Strengthening Nuclear Security [.docx]

B. Jasani, R. Jakhu - Unsustainable uses of Earth orbits [.docx]

J. Keravala - Space Industrialization and The Protection of Earth [.pdf]

J. Li - Using Satellites for Education: China's Experience [.pdf]

E.D. Macauley - Satellites and human rights [.pdf]

H. Melgar-Quiñonez - Global Perspectives in Advancing Food Security [.pdf]

J.N. Pelton - RF Spectrum, The Global Commons & Planetary Defense [.pptx]

J.N. Pelton - Space Applications [.docx]

J.N. Pelton - Satellite-based Social And Economic Tele-Reach Systems [.pptx]

Notes from the sessions

Notes - sessions 1, 2 and 5 [.docx]

Notes - session 3 [.docx]

Notes - session 6 [.docx]

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