John Augustin appointed Director, Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau, at ICAO


John Augustin
Michael Milde
Michel Pourcelet
Ludwig Weber
Eugène Pépin

On 14 March 2014, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) announced that Mr. John Augustin, a graduate of the Institute of Air and Space Law (class of 1991-92) and a native of Saint Lucia, has been appointed to the post of Director, Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau (D/LEB). Mr. Augustin has been a staff member of ICAO since July 1989, where he has held positions of increasing responsibility, most recently as Deputy Director, LEB. Before joining ICAO, he served within various ministries of the Government of Saint Lucia.

The Director of the Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau of ICAO holds the highest legal position in Public International Air Law. Among its many functions, the Bureau provides advice and assistance to the Secretary General of ICAO and, through him, to the Council and other bodies of the Organization and, as well, to ICAO Member States on constitutional, administrative and procedural matters, on problems of international law, air law, commercial law, labour law and related matters.  The Bureau also conducts research and studies in the field of private and public international air law, prepares documentation for, and serves as the Secretariat of the Legal Committee: relevant bodies of the Assembly; and Diplomatic Conferences which adopt multilateral treaties on international air law.

John Augustin joins our other fellow graduates: Dr. Michael Milde (Grad. Dip. 1964-65), Dr. Michel Pourcelet (LLM 1958-59), and Dr. Ludwig Weber (DCL 1975-76), in holding this important position on behalf of our Institute of Air and Space Law.

This highly prestigious position was first held by Dr. Eugène Pépin between 1946 and 1955. Dr. Pépin was one of the founding fathers of the IASL and, upon retiring from ICAO in 1955, he served as Director of the Institute until 1959.

This illustrates the vital role played by the IASL at the highest levels of international civil aviation. We are enormously proud of the accomplishments of these distinguished graduates and affiliates of the IASL.