Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XLI (2016)

Annals of Air and Space Law Volume XLI (2016)


The Annals of Air and Space Law formally enters its fourth decade as the world’s foremost bilingual journal in the field of air and space law. Since the launch of the Annals, the scope and nature of aerospace activities have evolved and are rapidly developing in ways that the original drafters of the Chicago Convention or the Outer Space Treaty could not possibly envision. Not only the contents of the articles have changed throughout the years, the way academic journals are published and disseminated must also change with the times.

Volume XLI (2016) offers an array of articles that cover developments and issues of interest to the air and space law community.

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Preface by Editor-in-Chief Professor Ram S. Jakhu

Section I: Leading Articles: Part A: Air Law

P. Paul Fitzgerald
Safe Evacuation: The Norm or Just a Lucky Break

Ashley Taborda
The Exchange of Air Traffic Rights: A System Highly Flawed, Yet Seemingly Indestructible

René David-Cooper
Protecting the Health and Safety of Pilots: A Critical Analysis of Flight and Duty Time Regulations in Canada

Delphine Defossez
No-Show Clauses: Are They Abusive under European Law or a Necessary Evil

Fanny Magalhaes Goncalves
Les Enquêtes sur Les Accidents et Incidents de L'Aviation Civile Internationale: Enjeux Politico-Juridiques dans un Contexte de Conflit Armé ou de Tensions Diplomatiques

Atilla Firat Bozdogan
Vols Humanitaires en Droit Aérien

Anusha Wickramasinghe
Military Interference on Civil Aviation: Any Improvements

Section I: Leading Articles: Part B: Space Law

George S. Robinson
Genetically Engineering Astronauts for Long-Term and Permanent Habitation of Outer Space: Homo Alterios Spatialis and Unique Issues for the Space Law Practitioners

Michelle L. D. Hanlon
The Middle Kingdom's Shrewd Strategy to Become the Centre of the Universe

Dejian Kong
Civil Liability for Damage Caused by Global Navigation Satellite Systems: A Conceptual Analysis

Section II: Shorter Articles and Comments

Bruno Savoie
The Future of the Nationality Rule

Pierre-Philippe Turnbull
The Middle Eastern Carriers: How Four New Players Are Changing the Game in the African Continent

Hamza Hameed
Small Satellites and Issues of Insurance: A European Perspective

Rishiraj Baruah
Analysing Legal Concepts of the Air Cargo Cartel Litigations Section II: Shorter Articles and Comments

Section III: Book Reviews

Maria Manoli
Private Law, Public Law, Metalaw and Public Policy in Space: A Liber Amicorum in Honor of Ernst Fasan

Mathieu Vaugeois
Foundations of Aviation Law

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