Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XXXIX (2014)

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I. Leading Articles / Articles de Fond

Air Law/Droit Aérien

Michael Jennison
The Montreal Protocol of 2014 is intended to Modernise the Tokyo Convention of 1963: Can it Succeed?

Eman Naboush
The Meaning of "Bodily Injury" in Air Passenger Litigation

Md. Tanveer Ahmad
Environmental Effectiveness of ICAO’s Basket of Mitigation Measures to Arrest Emissions from International Civil Aviation

Francis Schubert
The Integration of Remotely Piloted Aircraft in the Air Navigation Services System

H. K. Martono and Ariawan Gunadi
Current Regulation of Aviation Tariffs in Indonesia

Charles E. Schlumberger and Shruti Vijayakumar
Regional Safety Oversight Organisation: Service Provider or More? The Case of the Pacific Aviation Safety Office

John W. Bellflower
Contested Airspace: The Legality of Military Use of Airspace above the Exclusive Economic Zone

Space Law/Droit spatial

Kiran Krishnan Nair
Expanding Space Security to Contain SATCOM Misuse by Terrorists, Narcotraffickers, Criminals and other Non-State Actors

Sandeepa Bhat B
Application of Environmental Law Principles for the Protection of the Outer Space Environment: A Feasibility Study

Michael S. Dodge
Earth Observation and the Needs of the Many: the Future Structure of International Disaster Relief Law and Disaster Management

Sandra Cabrera Alvarado and Sara M. Langston
Establishing a New International Space Cooperation Mechanism for Protecting World Heritage Sites

Tina Hlimi
The Next Frontier: An Overview of the Legal and Environmental Implications of Near-Earth Asteroid Mining

Caixia Yang
Towards a New Legal Framework for the Use of Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space?         

George S. Robinson
Space Jurisprudence and the Need for a Transglobal Cybernation: The Underlying Biological Dictates of Humankind Dispersal, Migration, and Settlement in Near and Deep Space

II. Shorter Articles and Comments/ Articles courts et commentaires

Ruwantissa Abeyratne
Environmental Politics and Law: The Search for a Global Market Based Measures Scheme for Aircraft Emissions

René David-Cooper
Don’t Drink and Drive, Smoke and Fly: A Clearance for Pilots to Get High?

Philippine Dumoulin
Flying Through the Fog of Labour Law: How Does Ryanair Manage It?

Úna McLaughlin
Head in the Clouds? Is the European Commission's Analysis of the "Relevant Market" in Airline Mergers Appropriate?

Andrea J. DiPaolo
The Definition and Delimitation  of Outer Space: The Present Need to Determine  Where "Space Activities" Begins

III. International Organisations/ Organisations internationales

Ruwantissa Abeyratne
ICAO Admits Taiwan to its Premises at its 38th Assembly

IV. Case Comments / Commentaires d'arrêts

Rémy Bucheler
The Application of the Warsaw 1929 and Montreal 1999 Conventions in Switzerland: an Analysis of the Federal Tribunal Jurisprudence

Mark A. Glynn
Case Comment: Stott v. Thomas Cook Tour Operators Ltd. [2014] UKSC 15 & Thibodeau v. Air Canada [2014] SCC 67

V. Legislative Texts / Textes législatifs

International Civil Aviation Organization, Montreal, Canada, 4 April 2014
Consolidated Text of the Convention on Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed on Board Aircraft

International Civil Aviation Organization, Montreal, Canada, 4 April 2014
Protocol to Amend the Convention on Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed on Board Aircraft

Institute of Air and space Law, Manfred Lachs International Conference on Global Space Governance, Montreal, Canada, 31 May 2014
Montreal Declaration on Global Space Governance

V. Book reviews / Critiques de livres

Billie H. Vincent
Bombers, Hijackers, Body Scanners, and Jihadists. Reviewed by Paul Stephen Dempsey

Laurent Chassot
Les sources de la responsabilité du transporteur aérien international: entre conflit et complémentarité—La convention de Montréal et son interaction avec le droit européen et national. Revue par Rachel Pachoud

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