Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XXXVII (2012)

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I. Leading Articles / Articles de fond

A. Air Law / Droit aérien

  • Questioning the Regulation of Aviation Safety P. Paul Fitzgerald
  • The Role of the Judiciary in Aviation Safety – The Inside Story and Legacy of Dryden Revisited Virgil P. Moshansky & Donald L. Van Dyke
  • Achieving Global Safety in Civil Aviation – A Critical Analysis of Contemporary Safety Oversight Mechanisms Md. Tanveer Ahmad
  • The Regulation of Air Navigation Services in the Single European Sky – The Laws of Increasing Complexity Francis Schubert
  • The Law and Practice Relating to Aeronautical Treaties and Agreements Ruwantissa Abeyratne
  • Fair Competition, Subsidy, and State Aid Clauses in International Air Services Agreements Sean McGonigle
  • Enforcement of Anti-Predation Laws in the Airline Industry Kate Markhvida
  • Is the Arab Take-Off Imminent? Opportunities for the Development of the North African Air Transport Sector following the Arab Spring Charles Schlumberger & Nora Weisskopf

B. Space Law / Droit spatial

  • An Analysis of the Space Policies of the Major Space Faring Nations and Selected Emerging Space Faring Nations Graham Gibbs
  • Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects under International Law and National Law Paul S. Dempsey
  • Satellite Navigation Systems – The Impact of Interoperability Stefan A. Kaiser
  • Findings of an Independent Review of Canada's Remote Sensing Space Systems Act of 2005 Ram S. Jakhu, Catherine Doldirina & Yaw Otu Mankata Nyampong

II. Shorter Articles and Comments / Articles plus courts et commentaires

  • Federal Jurisdiction over Aerodromes in Canada – Settled Law, Questionable Public Policy Gary Abrams
  • Les droits des passagers aériens de l’Union européenne Matthieu Vaugeois
  • A Regime of Third Party Liability for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Services Lena Peters

III. International Organizations / Organisations internationales

  • Report of the Rapporteur of the Special Sub-Committee on the Preparation of an Instrument to Modernize the Convention on Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed on Board Aircraft of 1963 Alejandro Piera

IV. Book Reviews / Critiques de livres

  • La Responsabilidad del Transportista Aéreo y el Síndrome de la Clase Turística, (Norberto Ezequiel Luongo). Reviewed by Alejandro Piera
  • Contracting for Space: Contract Practice in the European Space Sector, (edited by Lesley Jane Smith and Ingo Baumann). Reviewed by Maria Pozza
  • Soft Law in Outer Space: The Function of Non-binding Norms in International Space, (edited by Irmgard Marboe). Reviewed by David Kuan Wei Chen
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