Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XXXIV (2009)


  • Worldwide Safety of Civil Aviation: Harold Caplan
  • Implications of Full Transparency in the ICAO’s USOAP: Jimena Blumenkron
  • Aviation Security in Canada and the US: Kamaal Zaidi
  • The Oil Price Spike of 2008: Charles E Schlumberger
  • The Extension of EU Emissions Trading Scheme to Aviation Activities: Martin Bartlik
  • Aircraft Registration: Legal and Regulatory Issues: Ruwantissa Abeyratne
  • Early Experiences of Transatlantic Open Skies: Mark Glynn
  • Prospects for a Single Aviation Market in Southeast Asia: Alan Khee-Jin Tan
  • Accidents and Injuries in International Aviation: Paul Stephen Dempsey
  • Recovery of Non-Pecuniary Damages in Europe: Ulrich von Jeinsen & Anna Konert
  • Defining Insurance Coverage Adequacy under the Montreal Convention of 1999: Sebastian Fernandez-Peña
  • Does the Montreal Convention of 1999 provide an Exclusive Remedy in the International Carriage of Goods and Passengers?: Alexander Ho
  • The Fifth Jurisdiction – The “American Dream”: Norberto Luongo
  • The Preemptive Effect of the Federal Aviation Administration Act: Will S. Skinner & Stephen R. Ginger
  • How Current International Law addresses Rights to Use and Exploit Lunar Resources: Cody Tucker
  • Space for the Benefit of Mankind: Katrin Nyman-Metcalf
  • The Search for Biogenesis and the Lurch towards Space Law Secularism: George S. Robinson
  • Mitigating the Danger of Space Debris by Enforcing and Developing Already Existing Space Law: Henry T. Scott
  • Hybrid Hops On (and Over) the Horizon: C. Brandon Halstead
  • Europe and the ‘Resolution Revolution’: Frans G. von der Dunk
  • Space Developments in African Countries: Anastasia A. Gbem


  • The Impact of Changing Air Transport Economics on Air Law and Policy: Peter P.C. Haanappel
  • The Role of ICAO in the 21st Century: Ruwantissa Abeyratne
  • Editor’s Note: Yaw Otu Mankata Nyampong
  • Report of the Rapporteur to ICAO’s Legal Committee: Michael B. Jennison
  • Report of the Rapporteur to ICAO’s Legal Committee: Anibal H. Mutti
  • Law Reform and national Space Law: A Participatory Approach to Space Law Making in Developing Countries: Julian Hermida
  • The Evolution of the Temporary Presence Exception to Patent Infringement in relation to Space Applications and the French Space Act: Rene Oosterlinck
  • Space Agency Act of 2008: Republic of South Africa


  • The Environmental Element in Space Law (Lotta Viikari) Reviewed by Yaw Otu Mankata Nyampong
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