Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XXXIII (2008)


  • Air Carrier Liability Regimes in China: Wu Jianduan
  • Aviation Safety and Security in West Africa: Legal and Regulatory Issues Inherent in Aerospace Activities – Focus on Nigeria: Naa Adoley Addy
  • The Development of Air Law – From the Paris Conference of 1910 to the Chicago Convention of 1944: Małgorzata Polkowska
  • The U.S. Plan for the Emergency Security Control of Air Traffic (ESCAT) – An Inter-agency Approach to Controlling the Skies Post-9/11: Christopher M. Petras and Mark E. Peterson
  • Airline Agreements and Competition Law – Qantas Airways’ Operations in Singapore: Alan Khee-Jin Tan
  • The Evolution of Air Transport Agreements: Paul Stephen Dempsey
  • Africa's Long Path to Liberalizing Air Services – Status Quo of the Implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision: Charles E. Schlumberger
  • Runway Incursions – General Principles of Liability: Ruwantissa Abeyratne
  • Take me to your Lawyer – The Inadequacies of the Current Regime of Space Law and Its effect on Commercialization of Space: Matthew W. Gable
  • Space Law for Humankind, Transhumans and Post humans – Is There a Need for a Unique Theory of Natural Law Principles?: George S. Robinson
  • The Evolution of US Space Policy: Paul Stephen Dempsey
  • Anti-Satellite Weapons – Threats, Laws and the Uncertain Future of Space: Brandon L. Hart
  • Legal Analysis of a Case concerning Liability for Commercial Space Endeavors: Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 2007 – Emeralda v. Mazonia: C. Brandon Halstead, Brandon L. Hart and Karan Singh
  • The Legality of Outer Space Weaponization – Defining the Legal Parameters of Weaponization Applicable to the United States: Michael C. Mineiro


  • Air Carrier Liability under the Venezuelan Civil Aeronautics Act: Germán Delgado-Soto
  • Protecting the Rights of Passengers with Reduced Mobility – Regulation EC 1107/2006 concerning the Rights of Disabled Persons and Persons with Reduced Mobility when Travelling by Air: Anna Konert
  • The Network Airline Production Problem: Michael R. Baiada


  • Keynote Address delivered at the 2007 ICAO-McGill Aviation Conference: Scott Carson
  • Keynote Address delivered at the 2007 ICAO-McGill Aviation Conference: Giovanni Bisignani
  • Report of the International Conference and Workshop on Contemporary Issues in Air and Space Law: Mark A. Glynn


  • Aviation Laws: Cases, Laws, and Related Sources (Paul Larsen, Joseph Sweeney and John Gillick): Reviewed by Paul Stephen Dempsey
  • The Impact of EU Law on the Regulation of InternationalAir Transportation (Martin Bartlik): Reviewed by Ruwantissa I.R. Abeyratne
  • Luftrecht (Marcus Schladebach): Reviewed by Ludwig Weber
  • Dispute Settlement in International Space Law – A Multi-Door Courthouse for Outer Space (Gerardine Meishan Goh): Reviewed by Yaw Otu M. Nyampong
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