Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XXII (1997)

VOLUME XXII (1997), Part I
(674 pp., hrdcr.)

Opening Session

Welcome and Introduction

Celebratory Session

Presentation of the Edward Warner Award

Air Law Session 1

Gilbert Guillaume: Remarques Préliminaires/Chair's Introductory Remarks

Bin Cheng: A New-Look Warsaw Convention on the Eve of the Twenty-First Century

Ludwig Weber: ICAO's Initiative to Reform the Legal Framework for Air Carrier Liability

Lorne S. Clark: The IATA Liability Agreements: How the US DOT May be Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

L. Cameron DesBois: The New IATA Intercarrier Regime on Passenger Liability: From a Canadian Perspective

C.V. Chen: A Missing Link in the Warsaw Liability Regime: An R.O.C. (Taiwan) Perspective

John Balfour: Some Comments on the EC Commission's Proposal for a Regulation on Air Carrier Liability

Emilia Chiavarelli: Status and Perspectives of the Unified Liability System: An Italian Point of View

Aloïs Alexandre Mencik von Zebinski: Proposal for a Council Regulation on Air Carrier Liability in Case of Accidents

Mario Folchi: Guidelines for a New International Air Carrier Liability Convention

George N. Tompkins Jr.: The IATA Intercarrier Agreements and the US Department of Transportation


 Air Law Session 2:

Hans Ephraimson-Abt: The Past and Future Promise of Warsaw: A Passengers' Point of View

Sven Brise: Economic Implications of Changing Passenger Limits in the Warsaw System

Philip Chrystal: Warsaw Requiem or Unfinished Symphony? Specific Aspects of the New Law-Making: The View of a Reinsurer

Allan I. Mendelsohn: Domicile and the Warsaw System

Andrew J. Harakas: Punitive Damages Under the Warsaw Convention After Zicherman

Robert Hedrick: Recoverable Compensatory Damages Under the IIA and the Implementing Agreements: A Critical Analysis from a US Trial Lawyer

Dan M. Fiorita: The Warsaw Convention and Electronic Ticketing: Neither Ticketless nor Paperless

Roderick D. Margo: Legal Aspects of Electronic Ticketing

Ruwantissa I.R. Abeyratne: The Nation of Wilful Misconduct in the Warsaw System: Emerging Trends at Common Law


 Air Law Session 3:

Vijay Poonoosamy: The Warsaw Web

Andreas Kadletz: Passenger Domicile as a Relevant Point of Contact: An Obituary of Uniform Private Air Law?

Marina Donato: The Implications of Code-Sharing in the Liability Field: Can the Warsaw System Provide Enough Protection to Consumers?

Francis P. Schubert: Warsaw Claims and ATC Liability: Addressing the Global Dimension of Aviation Liability

Sung Hwan Shin: The Warsaw System: Liability and the Common Interest

Paul Stephen Dempsey: Pennies from Heaven: Breaking Through the Liability Ceilings of Warsaw

John Saba: The IATA Intercarrier Agreement: A Constructive Step Toward an Improved Liability Regime from a Policy Perspective

Dimitri Andriotis: Formal Implications of the Shortcomings of the Warsaw System: Towards a Crisis of Private International Law Methodology

Arie Jakob: Up-Front Payments and Settlement Inducement Clauses: A Brief Synopsis

Alessandro Pizzino: Warsaw Liability System and Italian Case Law: An Update on Recent Developments

Thomas J. Whalen: Rebirth of the Warsaw Convention: The IATA Intercarrier Agreements

Michael Milde: Concluding Remarks


 Space Law Session 1:

Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel: Chair's Introductory Remarks

Nandasiri Jasentuliyana: Space Law: The Newest Branch of International Law

H. Peter Van Fenema: Recent Parallel Developments in Aviation and Space Launch Regulations

Dimitri Maniatis: The Law Governing Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects: From State Responsibility to Private Liability

Stephane Lessard: International Trade in Telecommunications Services: Towards Open Markets

Pamela Meredith: Licensing of Private Space Activities in the United States

Stephan Le Goueff: Licensing Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite: The Quest for the Holy Grail?

Peter Nesgos: Recent Developments in Commercial Space Law

André Farand: Space Station Cooperation: Recent Developments

Ram Jakhu: International Policy and Law-Making Process for Remote Sensing by Satellite

Michel Bourbonnière: A Critical Review of American Regulations Pertaining to Commercial Remote Sensing Market Structures

A. Mahmood, K. Lord, S. Parashar & E. Langham: Radarsat-1 Data Management

Martha Mejía-Kaiser: Satellite Remote Sensing Data in Databases: Copyright or Sui Generis Protection in Europe

Patrick A. Salin: An Update on GNSS Before the Next ICAO Experts Meeting on the Legal and Technical Aspects of the Future Satellite Air Navigation Systems

Rachel B. Trinder: Remote Sensing via Satellite: The Need for a New International Regime


 Space Law Session 3:

Nicolas M. Matte: Chair's Introductory Remarks

Henri Wassenbergh: An International Institutional Framework for Private Space Activities

Jitendra S. Thaker: The Development of the Outer Space Benefits Declaration

Louis Haeck: Disarmament Law and International Order in Outer Space

Jiefang Huang: Development of the Long-Term Legal Framework for the Global Navigation Satellite System


 Joint Workshop Session:

David Johnston: Connection, Content, Connectivity: Canada's Information Highway Advisory Council

Sunny Handa: Copyright Protection of Electronic Databases

George M. Moore: Aviation Information on the Internet and World Wide Web for the Aviation and Space Law Attorney


 Banquet: Keynote Address

Gilbert Guillaume: Le droit international dans le monde contemporain/International Law in the Present World


VOLUME XXII (1997), Part II
(476 pp., hrdcr.)


Ruwantissa I.R. Abeyratne: The Use of Civil Aircraft and Crew For Military Purposes

Guido R. Bacelli: Évolution du régime de responsabilité du transporteur aérien pour les dommages aux passagers

Carl Q. Christol: The Moon Treaty and the Allocation of Resources

Anda Djojonegoro: The Unidroit Proposal for a Uniform Air Law: A New Aircraft Mortgage Convention?

Martin Dresner: An Analysis of Canadian Air Transport Bilateral Agreements

Andreas Kadletz: The Current Crisis of the Conflict of Laws in Private International Air Law

Armel Kerrest: Le rattachement aux États des activités privées dans l'espace: Réflexions à la lumière du droit de la mer

Stephen D. Lerner: Canceling the Pearson Airport Agreements

Angela Cheng-Jui Lu: The Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Warsaw System: Is it Possible to Form a Link?

Michael Milde: Solutions in Search of a Problem? Legal Problems of the GNSS

Francis P. Schubert: The Corporatization of Air Traffic Control: Drifting Between Private and Public Law

Masao Sekiguchi: The Passenger Liability Regime of the New Deal: But New Wine Must be Put Into Fresh Wineskins

Benoît M. Verhaegen: The Entry into Force of Article 83bis: Legal Perspectives in Terms of Safety Oversight



Bilingual reports on the recent activities of:

Canadian Space Agency (CSA); Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS); European Space Agency (ESA); European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol); International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); International Mobile Satellite Organization (Inmarsat); Société internationale de télécommunications aéronautiques (SITA).


Proposed Unidroit Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment

Protocol to the Convention on International Interest in Aircraft Relative to Airframes, Aircraft Engines and Helicopters

US Policy Statement on GPS



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