Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XX (1995)

VOLUME XX (1995), Part I
(516 pp., hrdcr.)

Proceedings of the Conference "Chicago Revisited"

Convention de Chicago: Rétrospective rapports de la Conference

Michael Milde: Opening Remarks and Greetings

Chancellor Gretta Chambers: Opening Remarks


1st Session

Chair: Michael Milde

Assad Kotaite: Legal Aspects of the International Regulation of Civil Aviation

Lorne S. Clark: IATA: The First 50 Years - What's Past is Prologue

L. Welch Pogue: Personal Recollections from the Chicago Conference: ICAO, Then, Now, and in the Future


2nd Session

Chair: Mario Folchi

Rod D. Margo: Kicking and Screaming into the Twenty-first Century: A Practitioner's Prescription for Updating the Chicago Convention

Aruna Mascarenhas: Attitudes Towards Aviation

Vijay Poonoosamy: Developing Countries in the Wake of Aeropolitical Changes

Henri Wassenbergh: "Legitimate" Shares of States Under International Air and Space Transportation Regulation

Gunnar Finnsson: Future Financial Management of Airports and Air Navigation Services

Ludwig Weber: The Chicago Convention and the Exchange of Traffic Rights in a Regional Context


3rd Session

Chair: Pablo Mendes de Leon

Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel: Current Challenges in the Legal Regulation of Civil Aviation

Paul S. Dempsey: Dysfunctional Economics and the Airline Industry

Peter P.C. Haanappel: Airline Challenges: Mergers, Take-Overs, Alliances and Franchises

Emilia Chiavarelli: Code-Sharing: An Approach to the Open Skies Concept?


4th Session

Chair: Paul S. Dempsey

Doo Hwan Kim: Legal Aspects of ATCA Liability

Marina Donato: Latin America's Present Aviation Policy Vis-à-Vis the New Global Air Transport Environment

Soon Kil Hong: Legal Problems and Solutions for Civil Aviation Toward the 21st Century: An Asian-Pacific Perspective

Pablo Mendes de Leon: The Conduct of a National Aviation Policy in Light of the Chicago Convention

Ruwantissa I.R. Abeyratne: The Role of Automation in Facilitation of Air Transport into the 21st Century

Michael B. Jennison: The Chicago Convention and Safety After Fifty Years

Roderick D. van Dam: Recent Developments in Aviation Safety Oversight

George N. Tompkins, Jr.: Enforcement of Aviation Safety Standards

Isabella Diederiks-Verschoor: The Settlement of Aviation Disputes


5th Session

Paul B. Larsen

Jacques Ducrest: Legislative and Quasi-Legislative Functions of ICAO: Towards Improved Efficiency

Valérie Kayser: From the Sky to the Stars: Air Lawyers' and Space Lawyers' Perspectives on Future Legal Issues and Legal Teaching

Francis P. Schubert: Organisations régionales et gestion de la circulation aérienne: réflexion critique sur le régionalisme européen

Richard Janda: Passing the Torch: Why ICAO Should Leave Economic Regulation of International Air Transport to the WTO

Paul B. Larsen: Air Transportation in an Intermodal Setting

Stefan A. Kaiser: Infrastructure, Airspace and Automation: Air Navigation Issues for the 21st Century


6th Session

Chair: Guido Rinaldi Baccelli

Louis Gialloretto: International Air Transport Regulation and Airlines Efficiency - Is There a Link?

Alexandre A. Mencik von Zebinsky: European Union External Relations in Air Transport

Joseph Z. Gertler: Article 5 of the Chicago Convention in the Current Environment

John Balfour: Some Lessons from the European Experience

Guido Rinaldi Baccelli: La protection des victimes en matière d'aviation civile DEX

VOLUME XX (1995), Part II
(591 pp., hrdcr.)

Ruwantissa I.R. Abeyratne: Olympics 2000 and Sydney's Airport Policy: An Environmental Impact Study

Alan Auckenthaler: Recent Developments at Inmarsat

Dionigi M. Fiorita: Aviation Security: Have All the Questions Been Answered?

Nandasiri Jasentuliyana: The Role of Developing Countries in the Formulation of Space Law

Michael W. Lacy: Freedom in the Air: The 1995 Canada -United States Bilateral Air Agreement

Dimitri Maniatis: Conflict in the Skies: The Settlement of International Aviation Disputes - From the Law of the Jungle to the Rule of Law

Serge Parisien: La commercialisation des activités de télédétection spatiale aux États-Unis: Considérations nationales et internationales

Milan A. Racic: Opinion 1/94 of the European Court of Justice and Its Implications for European External Aviation Relations

Phillip Saprykin: The Legal Status of the Airspace Above the Commonwealth of Independent States

Masao Sekiguchi: Why Japan Was Compelled to Opt for Unlimited Liability

Jitendra S. Thaker: Latest Developments in the Work of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

Henri A. Wassenbergh: The Future of International Air Transportation Law: A Philosophy of Law and the Need for Reform of the Economic Regulation of International Air Transport in the 21st Century


International Mobile Satellite Organization (Inmarsat)



Antwerp United Diamonds BVBA and Another v. Air Europe (A Firm)

Sidhu v. British Airways Plc.


Air Transport Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of America / Accord Relatif au Transport Aérien entre le Gouvernement du Canada et le Gouvernement des États-Unis d'Amérique


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