Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XIX (1994)

VOLUME XIX (1994), Part I
(537 pp., hrdcr.)

50th Anniversary of the Chicago Conference

50ième Anniversaire de la Conférence de Chicago


The Hon. L. Welch Pogue: The International Civil Aviation Conference (1944) and Its Sequel the Anglo-American Bermuda Air Transport Agreement (1946)

Paul T. David: A Review of the Work at the Chicago Conference (From a Secretariat Point of View)

Guido Rinaldi Baccelli: 50 années d'expérience depuis la Convention de Chicago: L'effort italien pour atteindre l'uniformité internationale dans le respect des droits fondamentaux visés par la Constitution

Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel & Paul Michael Krämer: Filling in the Gaps of the Chicago Convention: Main Features of the New Legal Framework for Aviation in the European Community

Isabella H.Ph. Diederiks-Verschoor: International Co-operation and its Implications for Aircraft Registration and Nationality

Dan M. Fiorita: The International Framework of Aircraft Accident Investigation. Contemporary Issues

Joseph Z. Gertler: Nationality of Airlines: Is It a Janus with Two (or More) Faces?

John Gunther: Multilateralism in International Air Transport - The Concept and the Quest

Peter P.C. Haanappel: Multilateralism and Economic Bloc Forming in International Air Transport

Knut Hammarskjöld: Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact - Challenge to International Governance

Assad Kotaite: ICAO Ushers in a Revolution in Global Navigation Technology

Yves Lambert: EUROCONTROL et l'OACI

Nicolas Mateesco Matte: The Chicago Convention - Where From and Where To, ICAO?

Michael Milde: The Chicago Convention - Are Major Amendments Necessary or Desirable 50 Years Later?

Patrick A. Salin: Les systèmes de navigation aérienne par satellites et l'aviation civile

Ernesto Vasquez Rocha: Toward a New International Civil Aviation Conference?

Henri A. Wassenbergh: World Air Transport Regulatory Reform




VOLUME XIX (1994), Part II
(729 pp., hrdcr.)

50th Anniversary of the Chicago Conference

50ième Anniversaire de la Conférence de Chicago


Ruwantissa I.R. Abeyratne: The Economic Relevance of the Chicago Convention - A Retrospective Study

Edwin O. Bailey: Article 15 of the Chicago Convention and the Duty of States to Avoid Discriminatory User Charges: The US-UK London Heathrow Airport User Charges Arbitration

Vitaly D. Bordunov: Air Law Developments in the CIS: Modern Trends

Lorne S. Clark: IATA and ICAO: The First Fifty Years

Aldo Armando Cocca: The Chicago Convention and Technological Development in Air and Space

Paul Stephen Dempsey: The Prospectus for Survival and Growth in Commercial Aviation

Marina Donato: ICAO's Golden Anniversary - The Necessity of Golden Rules for the International Air Transport Industry

Jacques Ducrest: L'Union Européenne, futur membre de l'Organisation de l'Aviation civile internationale?

Gunnar Finnsson: Airports and Route Facilities: Internaitonal Cost Recovery Policies and Their Applicability in the Framework of New Forms of Infrastructure Provision

Mario O. Folchi: Air Transport Policy in Latin America

Louis Gialloreto: A Retrospective on the Reinvention of International Civil Air Transport Economic Regulation: Circa 1994-2004

Werner Guldimann: The Chicago Convention Revisited: Possible Improvements after Fifty Years

Louis Haeck: L'Association du Transport aérien international

George N. Tompkins & Andrew J. Harakas: ICAO and Aviation Accident Investigation - Lessons to be Learned from the Korean Air Lines 007 Investigation

Soon-Kil Hong & Hong-Kyun Shin: The Need to Improve the Role of ICAO in Relation to the Legal and Other Aspects of ICAO CNS/ATM System Implementation for the 21st Century

Nandasiri Jasentuliyana: Celebrating Fifty Years of the Chicago Convention Twenty-five Years after the Moon Landing: Lessons for Space Law

Gul Mohammed Kakkar: The Registration and Publication of Aeronautical Agreements and Arrangements with the International Civil Aviation Organization

Valérie Kayser: Aux confins de l'air et de l'espace

Rod D. Margo & William T. MacCary: The Chicago Convention and the Resolution of Landing Fee Disputes

Pablo Mendes de Leon: Air Transport as a Service Under the Chicago Convention: The Origins of Cabotage

Masukane Mukai: The Use of Force Against Civil Aircraft: The Legal Aspects of Joint International Action

Vijay Poonoosamy: Developing Countries in the Wake of Aeropolitical Changes

Hector A. Perucchi: Les problèmes juridiques et administratifs de la déréglementation du transport aérien





Ludwig Weber: Comment on IATA V/BSP Scandinavia & Iceland v. Bornholms Rejsebureau APS in Bankruptcy


Statement of ICAO Policy on CNS/ATM Systems. Implementation and Operation / Énoncé de politique de l'OACI sur la mise en oeuvre et l'exploitation des systes CNS/ATM


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