Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. IV (1979)


Air Law

Paul Chauveau: La faute inexcusable

Bin Cheng: La Convention de Varsovie fête son 50ième anniversaire: Comment s'annonce l'avenir?

Gerald Fitzgerald: The Protocol to Amend the Convention on Damage caused by foreign Aircraft to Third Parties on the Surface (Rome 1952)

Pierre Gautier & Charles Bédard: L'aube du transport supersonique

Joseph Gertler: Order in the Air and the Problem of Real and False Options

Gilbert Guillaume: La responsabilité des constructeurs de matériel aéronautique en droit européen

Werner Guldimann: The distinction between Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Air Services

Peter P.C. Haanappel: Concentration de transporteurs aériens régionaux au Canada

Assad Kotaite: Le processus d'élaboration des conventions internationales de droit aérien privé adoptées sous les auspices de l'OACI

Jean-Louis Magdelénat: Ballons et dirigeables: technologie renaissante et réglementation réadaptée

René H. Mankiewicz: The Application of Article 17 of the Warsaw Convention for Mental Sufferings

Enrique Mapelli: Point de vue pratique sur l'overbooking

Peter Martin: 50 Years of the Warsaw Convention and the Practical Man's Guide

P.K. Menon: Some Aspects of the Civil Aviation Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean-Jamaica

Jacques Rajotte: Vers une clarification de la juridiction de la Cour fédérale canadienne en matière de responsabilité civile aérienne

Jean-Denis Roy: La protection de l'aviation civile: l'exemple canadien

Walter Schwenck: The Bonn Declaration on Hijacking

Jacob Sundberg: Air Chartering: The Scandinavian Contribution

Aleksander Tobolewski: ICAO Legal Syndroms

David Varty: The Reorganization of Airport Administration in Canada

H.A. Wassenbergh: Liberal Bilateral Air Agreements between the US and Europe and their Impact on Latin America

Space Law

S. Bhatt: An Ecological Approach to Aerospace Law

Michel Bourély: Le Canada et l'Agence spatiale européenne

John Chapman & Gabriel Warren: Direct Broadcast Satellites: The ITU-UN and Real World

Carl Christol: Protection of Space from Environmental Harms

Hamilton DeSaussure: Belligerent Air Operations and the 1977 Geneva Protocol I

Eilene Galloway: Recent Developments in US Space Policy

Stephen Gorove: Solar Power Satellites and the ITU: Some US Policy Options

Nandasiri Jasentuliyana: A Perspective of the Use of Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space

François Loriot: Propriété intellectuelle et droit spatial

Nicolas Mateesco Matte: Space Policy Today and Tomorrow

George Robinson: Frontier Law at L5

George Paul Sloup: Liability and Insurance Aspects of The Space Transportation System under the New Section 308 of the National Aeronautic and Space Act


ICAO - Panel of Experts on Regulations of Air Transport Services; IFALPA; IATA; LACAC.


Haddad v. Air France

Miller v. America Airlines

Young v. Delta; Hendler v. Iberia


Agreement Between the European Space Agency and Canada Concerning co-operation / Accord entre l'Agence Spatial Européenne et le Canada en matières de coopération


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