Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. III (1978)


Air Law

Guido Rinaldi Baccelli: L'entreprise aéroportuaire: son rôle dans l'aviation civile, ses perspectives dans la collaboration internationale

Paul Chauveau: Responsabilité du transporteur aérien et compétence juridictionnelle

John M. Corrigan: The Right to Refuse Carriage for Cause

I. Diederiks-Verschoor: A New Dutch Regulation Regarding the Registration of the Death of Persons who Died as a Consequence of Aircraft Accidents

Gerald F. Fitzgerald: The International Civil Aviation Organization and the Development of Convention on Air Law

Katsutoshi Fujita: Tokyo's New Narita Airport: An Illusion

Gilbert Guillaume: La responsabilité des services de contrôle de la circulation aérienne en droit français

Peter P.C. Haanappel: The International Air Transport Association "IATA" and the International Charter Airlines

Assad Kotaite: ICAO's Concern and Recent Work in the Legal Field to Meet the Present Requirements of International Air Transport

P.K. Menon: Government Control of the Air Transport System in India

Eugène Pépin: La Conférence e Paris de 1910

Gustavo Romanelli and Martin Miszerak: Charter Flights and the Role of the Tour Operator

J.C. Sampaio de Lacerda: A Study about the Decisions of the ICAO Council, the Admissible Appeals and their Effects

Walter Schwenk: Problems of Airports in the Vicinity of Foreign States

James J. Smith: Considerations in Local Administration of Airports in Canada

Aleksander Tobolewski: Against Limitation of Liability: A Radical Proposal

Francisco M. Troncoso and Marlene Butler-Feldman: Turbulence that emanates from Jumbo Jets

Federico Videla Escalada: Réflexions sur la condition juridique et la responsabilité du constructeur d'aéronefs

Henry A. Wassenbergh: Reality and Value in Air and Space Law

L. Weber: The Euro-Control Route Charges Litigation before the Court of Justice of the European Communities

Space Law

Michel Bourély: Les activités de l'Agence Spatiale Européenne depuis sa création

Hamilton DeSaussure: An International Right to Reorbit Earth Threatening Satellites

Eilene Galloway: The U.S. Congress and Space Law

Stephen Gorove: Legal Aspects of International Space Flight Georges Jacquemin: Droit Orbital terrestre ou droit spatial cosmique?

François Loriot: Propriété intellectuelle et droit spatial

Jean-Louis Magdelénat: L'énergie solaire via satellites et la coopération internationale

Mircea Mateesco Matte: Cosmos 954: coexistence pacifique et vide juridique

Nicolas Mateesco Matte: Draft Treaty on the Moon eight years later

V.S. Vereshchetin: Legal Status of Spacecraft Crew

I.A. Vlasic: The Evolution of the International Code of Conduct to Govern Remote Sensing by Satellite: Progress Report


ICAO; IATA; IFALPA; The European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC); The Latin-American Civil Aviation Commission; ICAO - Panel of Experts on Regulations of Air Transport Services.


Haddad v. Air France; Benjamins v. BOAC
Memorandum of settlement in the Turkish Airline D.C. 10 case

Air Canada v. Her Majesty The Queen in the Right of The Province of Manitoba


Protocol of Montreal (23 September 1978) to Amend the Convention on Damage Caused by Foreign Aircraft to Third Parties on the Surface Signed at Rome on 7 October 1952 / Protocole de Montréal (23 septembre 1978) portant modification de la Convention relative aux dommages causés aux tiers à la surface par des aéronefs étrangeres, signée à Rome le 7 october 1952


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