Theoretical Approaches to Law

CMPL 641

3 credits
Theoretical Approaches to Law.

Comparative Law: Introduction to a variety of theoretical approaches to legal scholarship.

Offered by: Comparative Law

  • Terms
    • Fall 2018
  • Instructors
    • Vincent Forray, Mark Antaki


This Introduction to a variety of theoretical approaches to law, legal education, and legal scholarship. The seminar will emphasize the importance of theoretical concerns in all legal scholarship, especially in the definition of research objectives, the choice of research methods, and the framing of conclusions. The seminar is designed to support students’ thesis research by directing their attention to theoretical concerns, and encouraging them to subject their own methodological assumptions to re-evaluation.

  • Prerequisites: Open to graduate students only
  • Seminar: No
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  • Maximum Enrolment: 60 graduate students only
  • Language of Instruction: English