Law of Space Applications

ASPL 638

3 credits
Law of Space Applications.

Air & Space Law: The legal implications of various space applications, such as telecommunications and the role therein of various international organizations; remote sensing by satellites; space stations; commercial and military uses of outer space.

Offered by: Air and Space Law

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This course deals with the international legal aspects of various space applications. In particular, the course examines the international law related to satellite telecommunications, the role therein of various international organizations as well as broadcasting by satellite, navigational services, remote sensing by satellites, space stations, space travel, etc. Certain specific aspects of international law will be discussed as they relate to international technology transfers, military uses of outer space, trade in space products, satellite telecommunications and launch services.

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  • Prerequisites: None, however, some knowledge of General Principles of Space Law and/or Public International Law is assumed
  • Seminar: No
  • Evaluation: refer to the most recent Course Offerings document found on the SAO's Current courses & registration information page, from which the latest exam schedules can also be downloaded.
  • Maximum Enrolment: 30; limit of 8 undergraduate students (permission of Assistant Dean of Student Affairs required)
  • Language of Instruction: English