Private International Air Law

ASPL 636

3 credits
Private International Air Law.

Air & Space Law: Sources of private international air law. Conflicts of laws. Unification of law of liability. Liability for damage on the surface, liability of the ATC and CNS/ATM providers. Rights in aircraft and their international recognition.

Offered by: Air and Space Law

  • Terms
    • Fall 2018
  • Instructors
    • Brian F Havel


Course objective:  This course seeks to introduce the students to the regime of domestic and international liability in aviation, with an emphasis on international liability law.  Liability of airlines, air navigation service providers, airports, aircraft manufacturers and governmental institutions are examined.

Description: This course examines the unification of private international air law through the adoption of international conventions.  In particular, it reviews the liability of the air carrier towards passengers and shippers under the Warsaw Convention, as amended and supplemented by several other international legal instruments, including the Montreal Convention of 1999.  The course also examines the basic framework of several other conventions, such as the Rome Convention on surface damage done by aircraft, and ICAO’s recent initiatives to revise the 1952 Rome Convention in the Montreal Conventions of 1999, as well as the liability exclusions for airlines and crew set forth in the Tokyo Convention and amendments thereto.    Insurance aspects and implications of the air carrier’s international liability will also be addressed.

Method of Evaluation:  80% of the grade will be based on the student’s performance on a 24-hour take-home exam.  The remaining 20% will be based on the student’s performance in on a written 7-10 page essay comparing, contrasting and analyzing material and/or cases discussed in the text with a case (or cases) not discussed in the text which reached a similar or different conclusion.  Essays shall be double spaced with 12 point font for the text, and 10 point font for the footnotes, with one-inch margins per page.  Appended to the essay should be a copy of all cases discussed in the student’s essay, except those addressed in the assigned reading materials.  The essay shall be due on the last scheduled day of class.  Late-submitted essays will have points deducted from their grade, depending upon the degree of tardiness; essays submitted more than seven days late shall receive a grade of zero.

Professor Information: Brian Havel. 

Office hours: TBD

Visiting Lecturers: Several visitors have been invited to the class. The dates of their presentations will be announced during the Semester

Recent Materials on Private International Air Law

PDF iconIntro to Air Navigation Services: From Conventional Air Traffic Control to CNS/ATM - F. Schubert [.pdf] 2015

PDF iconThe Liability of Air Traffic Control Agencies - The Ueberlingen Case - F. Schubert [.pdf] 2015

PDF icon Documentary requirements in international carriage [.pdf] 2015

PDF icon The Law of Products Liability [.pdf] 2015

PDF iconThe Conflicts of Laws in International Aviation [.pdf] 2015

PDF iconAir Carrier Liability Under the Warsaw Regime and the Montreal Convention [.pdf] 2015

PDF icon International Air Carrier Liability for Death & Personal Injury: To Infinity and Beyond [.pdf] 2015

PDF iconInternational Air Cargo & Baggage Liability and the Tower of Babel [.pdf] 2015

PDF iconLiability for Air Navigation Services [.pdf] 2015

PDF iconSurface Damage Liability [.pdf] 2015

PDF iconLiability under The Warsaw/Montreal Regimes for Accidents Not Caused by Events, Personnel or Operations - T. Weigand

FileThe Montreal Convention, Exclusivity and the Liability of Carriers - M. Seretis [.pptx] 2014

PDF icon Consumer protection in the airline industry [.pdf] 2014

PDF icon Andrew Harakas: Aviation Issues in the US [.pdf] 2014

PDF iconChoice of law in U.S. aviation cases 50 years after the “revolution” - Steven Pounian [.pdf]

PDF icon Accidents & Injuries in International Air Law: The Clash of the Titans [.pdf] 2011

PDF iconArticle on Forum Non Conveniens in International Air Law [.pdf]

PDF iconBrief on Forum Non Conveniens in International Air Law [.pdf]

PDF iconIATA 2011 Legal Symposium Developments in Forum Non Conveniens [.pdf] 2011

PDF iconUPS Supply Chain Solutions vs. Qantas Airways - 9th Circuit - Brief of Paul Stephen Dempsey [.pdf] 2011

PDF icon Passenger Liability Litigation in the UK and the US: Harmonisation (?) and Trends - George Leloudas [.pdf] 2010

PDF iconThe Application of EU Regulation 261/2004 in Crisis Situations - John Balfour [.pdf] 2010

PDF iconMontreal v. Brussels: The Conflict of Laws on the Issue of Delay in International Air Carriage [.pdf] 2010

PDF icon intl_air_carrier_liability_-_long_version.pdf