Public International Air Law

ASPL 633

3 credits
Public International Air Law.

Air & Space Law: Sources of public international law relating to the air space and its aeronautical uses. International aviation organizations and their law-making functions. Legal responses to aviation terrorism.

Offered by: Air and Space Law

  • Terms
    • Fall 2021
  • Instructors
    • Ludwig Weber

Description: The gateway course in Public International Air Law examines the relevant principles and rules of public international law that affect the use of airspace and aeronautics. Some of the following topics are reviewed:

  • Public international law : jurisdiction over persons, territory and airspace, law of treaties, settlement of international disputes, incidents of statehood, law of international organisations;
  • sources of international air law;
  • the relevant international aviation organizations and their law-making functions;
  • the law-making institutions and processes affecting the regime of air space and international air navigational and air transport;
  • the legal regime of the national and international air space;
  • the international standards and recommended practices and domestic laws regulating safety, security, air navigation, airports, and the environment;
  • aircraft accident investigation;
  • the concept of civil and state aircraft;
  • State certification and licensing of aircraft and airmen under international standards;
  • the exchange of air traffic rights; and
  • dispute resolution. 

Method of Evaluation:

A final take-home exam (open book) will comprise 75% of the final grade. In-term assignments, including a mock bilateral treaty negotiation, will comprise 25% of the final grade. Please refer to the SAO's Current courses page, from which the latest exam schedules can also be downloaded.

Visiting Lecturers: Several visitors have been invited to the class. The dates of their presentations will be announced during the semester.

Additional materials

PDF icon An Introduction to Air Navigations Services: From Conventional ATC to CNS/ATM [.pdf]

Aviation Safety Regulation [.pdf]

Airport planning and development [.pdf]

Air traffic rights: deregulation and liberalization [.pdf]

Air Navigation [.pdf]

Dispute resolution in international aviation [.pdf] 

Challenges Facing Civil Aviation in the 21st Century [.pdf]

Blacklisting: The Conflict Between National & International Aviation Safety Standards [.pdf]

Office presentation icon Foreign Ownership and Cabotage [.ppt]

The Chicago Convention as a Source of International Law [.pdf]

The Chicago Convention as the Contitution of an International Organization [.pdf]

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: US and Canadian Regulatory Approaches [.pdf]

Aviation Security: The Role of International Law [.pdf]

Legal Aspects of Safety Management Systems [.pdf]

Environmental Law and Sustainability in International Aviation [.pdf]

Market-Based Measures in International Civil Aviation [.pdf]

Airport Finance [.pdf]

Government Security Responsibility [.pdf]

Air & Space Law Norms Governing Space Transportation [.pdf]

The Legal Regime Governing Space [.pdf]

PDF icon intl_air_carrier_liability_-_long_version.pdf

PDF icon air_traffic_rights_2017.pdf

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