Public International Air Law

ASPL 633

3 credits
Public International Air Law.

Air & Space Law: Sources of public international law relating to the air space and its aeronautical uses. International aviation organizations and their law-making functions. Legal responses to aviation terrorism.

Offered by: Air and Space Law

  • Terms
    • Fall 2018
  • Instructors
    • Brian F Havel

Description: The course in Public International Air Law examines the relevant principles and rules of international law that affect the use of air space and aeronautics. The following topics are reviewed:

  • Public international law : jurisdiction over persons, territory and airspace, law of treaties, settlement of international disputes, incidents of statehood, law of international organisations;
  • sources of international air law;
  • the relevant international aviation organizations and their law-making functions;
  • the law-making institutions and processes affecting the regime of air space and international air navigational and air transport;
  • the legal regime of the national and international air space;
  • the international standards and recommended practices and domestic laws regulating safety, security, air navigation, airports, and the environment;
  • aircraft accident investigation;
  • the concept of civil and state aircraft;
  • State certification and licensing of aircraft and airmen under international standards;
  • the exchange of air traffic rights; and
  • dispute resolution. 

Download the full outline for the Public International Air Law course.

Method of Evaluation:

Exam(s):  Final Exam (Open Book), weight 75 %
In-term assignments: Moot court exercise, mid-term, weight: 25 %.

Professor Information:
Professor’s coordinates: ICAO, 700 de la Gauchetière, 25th floor, Tel. 514-954 8219 #8076

Email : lweber [at]; [at]; Office hours : by appointment

Visiting Lecturers: Several visitors have been invited to the class. The dates of their presentations will be announced during the semester.

Additional materials

PDF icon An Introduction to Air Navigations Services: From Conventional ATC to CNS/ATM [.pdf]

Aviation Safety Regulation [.pdf]

Airport planning and development [.pdf]

Air traffic rights: deregulation and liberalization [.pdf]

Air Navigation [.pdf]

Dispute resolution in international aviation [.pdf] 

Challenges Facing Civil Aviation in the 21st Century [.pdf]

Blacklisting: The Conflict Between National & International Aviation Safety Standards [.pdf]

Office presentation icon Foreign Ownership and Cabotage [.ppt]

The Chicago Convention as a Source of International Law [.pdf]

The Chicago Convention as the Contitution of an International Organization [.pdf]

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: US and Canadian Regulatory Approaches [.pdf]

Aviation Security: The Role of International Law [.pdf]

Legal Aspects of Safety Management Systems [.pdf]

Environmental Law and Sustainability in International Aviation [.pdf]

Market-Based Measures in International Civil Aviation [.pdf]

Airport Finance [.pdf]

Government Security Responsibility [.pdf]

Air & Space Law Norms Governing Space Transportation [.pdf]

The Legal Regime Governing Space [.pdf]

PDF icon intl_air_carrier_liability_-_long_version.pdf

PDF icon air_traffic_rights_2017.pdf