Government Regulation of Air Transport

ASPL 613

3 credits
Government Regulation of Air Transport.

Air & Space Law: Economic regulation of air transport and navigation, deregulation, liberalization, open skies. Economic and regulatory theories, competition, anti-trust regulation. Status, negotiation, and implementation of international agreements on air services.

Offered by: Air and Space Law

  • Terms
    • Winter 2019
  • Instructors
    • Richard A Janda, Joseph Wilson


This course focuses on the domestic and international economic, safety, security and environmental regulation of air transport. Key themes include:

  • Why do Governments regulate or deregulate markets for air transport?
  • How do the economics of the aviation sector impact regulatory policies and vice versa?
  • What are the legal regimes governing key issues of the aviation business, such as international routes, pricing, code-sharing, joint ventures, airline alliances, computer reservation systems, airport slots, etc?
  • What is the relationship between sectoral airline regulation and competition law?
  • What are the regulatory tools used by Governments as the means for regulating civil aviation? 
  • How are consumer rights protected domestically and internationally?
  • What multilateral regimes govern the supply of aviation services?
  • What are the present challenges and trends in the regulatory regime of air transport?

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Method of Evaluation 


Oral Presentation: 25%; Final Examination: 75%. The take-home exam is an open-book examination due 24 hours from picking up the examination.  You may not discuss the examination, nor collaborate with, any other student on the examination.

Teaching Hours:  Winter 2017- Tuesdays, 17:30 – 20:30

Professor: Martine De Serres. Preferred method of communication is by email, telephone or by appointment before or after class. Contact: martine.deserres [at] or by phone (514) 422-5883.

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Other available files

Airline Bankruptcy: The Post-Deregulation Epidemic [.pdf]

Airport Privatization: Navigate Carefully [.pdf]

Aviation Safety Regulation [.pdf]

Open Skies for Africa - Implementing the Yamoussoukro Decision [.pdf]

Consumer Protection in the Airline Industry: The USA and the European Union [.pdf]

US Airline Labor and Employment Law [.pdf]