Syllabus of Air and Space Law Courses

Courses outlines are subject to continuing revisions, and will be supplemented by additional lectures by visiting specialists in the field of air and space law. This Syllabus is applicable to both programs offered by the Institute: the Graduate Certificate in Air and Space Law and the Master's Degree (LL.M.) in Air and Space Law.

Course calendars and registration materials

To obtain the calendar of key dates, the course schedules and the exam time tables, please refer to the Law Student Affairs Office website.

Air and Space Law courses by the IASL

Section I: Regular Courses

First Term Courses

  • ASPL 614 Airline Business and Law (3 credits)
  • ASPL 633 Public International Air Law* (3 credits)
  • ASPL 636 Private International Air Law* (3 credits)
  • ASPL 637 Space Law: General Principles* (3 credits)
  • CMPL 641 Theoretical Approaches to Law** (4 credits)

Second Term Courses

  • ASPL 613 Government Regulation of Air Transport (3 credits)
  • ASPL 632 Comparative Air Law (3 credits)
  • ASPL 638 Law of Space Applications (3 credits)
  • ASPL 639 Government Regulation of Space Activities (3 credits)

Courses marked * are compulsory in the LL.M. and Graduate Certificate programs. Course marked ** is compulsory in the D.C.L. program.

Section II: Thesis Courses

The work involved in the Master’s thesis is divided up into thesis "courses". For all students in the IASL, the LL.M. thesis is worth 27 credits, divided over the following thesis courses:

  • ASPL 690 Master's Thesis 1  Preparation of thesis proposal (3 credits)
  • ASPL 691 Master's Thesis 2  Preparation of literature review (3 credits)
  • ASPL 692 Master's Thesis 3  Thesis research report (6 credits)
  • ASPL 693 Master's Thesis 4  Completion of thesis (12 credits)
  • ASPL 694 Master's Thesis 5 Thesis research report (3 credits)
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