Air and Space Law LL.M. theses list

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Abdeh, Ibrahim Ahmad, LL.M., Bilateral air transport agreements of Jordan. (1977) - AS 42 M3 1977 A1352 Nahum Gelber Law

Abdul Kader, Mohammed, LL.M., Air traffic control liability. (1986) - AS 42 M3 1986 A14 Nahum Gelber Law

Abdulaziz, Alzurgani, LL.M., Bilateral air transport agreements in Libya. (1982) - AS 42 M3 1982 A136 Nahum Gelber Law

Aberkane, Abès, LL.M., La mise en cause de la responsabilité illimitée du transporteur aérien. (1970) - AS 42 M3 1971 A23 Nahum Gelber Law

Abousuwa, Ali Ahmed. LL.M., Liability in private international air law for aircraft repair caused accident. (1985) - AS 42 M3 1985 A155 Nahum Gelber Law

Abramovitch, Yehuda. LL.M., Property rights in airspace: landowners and the right of flight. (1962) - AS 42 M3 1962 A27 Nahum Gelber Law

Adelfio, Antonio. LL.M., Particular aspects of the Rome convention 1952 on damages at the surface. (1955) - AS 42 M3 1955 A57 Nahum Gelber Law

Addison, Henry. LL.M., Consideration with regard to global navigation satellite systems (G.N.S.S.) of the establishment of a legal framework. (1996) - AS 42 M3 1997 A335 Nahum Gelber Law

Addy, Naa Adoley. LL.M., Aviation: the new order (deregulation, the environment, health, safety and security. (2002) - AS 42 M3 2002 A339 Nahum Gelber Law

Aguilar Cortés, Carlos Ezequiel. LL.M., Air carrier liability and automation issues. (2002) - AS 42 M3 2003 A3554 Nahum Gelber Law

Ahmad, Khursheed. LL.M., International air transportation competition act of 1979: origin and prospects. (1982) - AS 42 M3 1982 A2862 Nahum Gelber Law

Ahmad, Md. Tanveer. LL.M., Adapting the existing regime for the contemporary world to achieve global civil aviation safety: a developing country perspective. (2009) - [electronic resource] Nahum Gelber Law

Ahmad, Mumtaz. LL.M., The law of civil aviation in Pakistan. (1957) - AS 42 M3 1957 A35 Nahum Gelber Law

Ahmed, Saiyed Ehtasham. LL.M. The airspace in international air law : a study of the article I of the Chicago Convention in its territorial scope and of the rights of states over navigable airspace. (1956) - AS 42 M3 1956 A35 Nahum Gelber Law

Ajala, Joseph B. LL.M., The development and administration of civil aviation in West Africa. (1967)

Alam, Mahmud. LL.M., Pakistan-Iran-Turkey (RCD) collaboration in air transport : formation of a joint international airline and its legal aspects. (1970) - AS 42 M3 1971 A4 Nahum Gelber Law

Albán, Pedro. LL.M., The prevention and suppression of drug abuse and illicit traffic in international civil aviation. (1993) - AS 42 M3 1993 A452 Nahum Gelber Law

Al-Jassani, Abdul R. LL.M.,Iraq’s air transport bilateral agreements: a comparative legal study. (1971)

Alhijazi, Yahya Z. D. LL.M., The conflicting interests - the Warsaw system crisis. (1998) - AS 42 M3 1998 A447 Nahum Gelber Law

Alvarsson, Karl Sigurur Alvar. LL.M., Perspectives of joint financing of air navigation services. (2000) - AS 42 M3 2000 A493 Nahum Gelber Law

Amana, Idorenyin Edet. LL.M., The Montreal convention of 1999 : problems and prospects. (2002) - AS 42 M3 2002 A483 Nahum Gelber Law

Ancel, Marie-Eve Zoe. LL.M., Les aspects juridiques du transport des oeuvres d'art. (2002) - AS 42 M3 2002 A534 Nahum Gelber Law

Andrade, Alessandra Arrojado Lisbôa de. LL.M., Navigating into the new millennium : the global navigation satellite system regulatory framework. (2000) - AS 42 M3 2000 A535 Nahum Gelber Law

Andries, Stephanie. LL.M., The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and the European Galileo program. (1999) - AS 42 M3 2000 A537 Nahum Gelber Law

Andriotis, Dimitri. LL.M., Commercial rights in International Air Transport and their regulatory regime on the eve of the twenty-first century : a diabolic issue? (1994) - AS 42 M3 1994 A567 Nahum Gelber Law

Archer, Ian DeV. LL.M., Multinational co-operation in air transport in the commonwealth Caribbean. (1968) - AS 42 M3 1968 A72 Nahum Gelber Law

Ardaine, Didier. LL.M., Concentrations et acquisitions des compagnies aériennes et droit communautaire. (1993) - AS 42 M3 1993 A739 Nahum Gelber Law

Arnold, Stanley R. LL.M., Sovereign rights in space (1957) - AS 42 M3 1957 A76 Nahum Gelber Law

Aryal, Puskar Raj. LL.M., Bilateral air transport agreements of Nepal. (1978) - AS 42 M3 1978 A796 [Regular Loan] Nahum Gelber Law

Assum, Baudouin, M. A. J. B. van den. LL.M., International air charter transportation : its legal regulations and implications. (1975) - AS 42 M3 1975 A87 Nahum Gelber Law

Aubreton, Bernard. LL.M., La coordination des transports aériens français : réglementation et politique de réparation entre les compagnies. (1976) - AS 42 M3 1976 A9 Nahum Gelber Law

Augustin, John V. LL.M., ICAO and the use of force against civil aerial intruders. (1998) - AS 42 M3 1999 A948 Nahum Gelber Law


Badreddine, Mohamed. LL.M., L'organisation de la sécurité aérienne au Canada (2010) - [electronic resource] Nahum Gelber Law

Bahar, Wahyuni. LL.M., Coordination of a separate communications satellite system under the INTELSAT agreements : legal analysis. (1991) - AS 42 M3 1992 B348 Nahum Gelber Law

Bahary, Alfred. LL.M., Le droit de suite sur les aéronefs en droit québécois. (1969) - AS 42 M3 1969 B33 Nahum Gelber Law

Bailey, Edwin. LL.M., Air carrier liability for nuclear damage occurring during the carriage of the sources of nuclear energy: a comparison of the OECD, IAEA and the IANEC draft conventions. (1968) - AS 42 M3 1968 B34 Nahum Gelber Law

Baker, Howard A. LL.M., Space debris: legal and policy implications. (1988) - AS 42 M3 1988 B355 Nahum Gelber Law See also: Space debris : legal and policy implications / Howard A. Baker. -- Dordrecht ; Boston : Nijhoff ; Norwell, MA, U.S.A : Sold and distributed in the U.S.A and Canada by Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1989. JX 5810 B34 1989 Nahum Gelber Law Note: Originally presented as the author's thesis (LLM)--McGill University

Balachandran, Ponniah. LL.M., Vicarious liability in air law. (1955) - AS 42 M3 1955 B34 Nahum Gelber Law

Balasubramaniam, Usha. LL.M., Passengers' protection and rights in international civil aviation. (2007) - AS42 M3 2008 B353 Nahum Gelber Law

Baltodano Egner, Charlotte. LL.M., The process of transforming human rights practices in Latin America : NGOs and their quest to develop international human rights norms. (2003) - AS 42 M3 2003 B358 Nahum Gelber Law

Banerjea-Brodeur, Nicolas Paul. LL.M, Advance passenger information / passenger name record: privacy rights and security awareness. (2003) - AS 42 M3 2004 B365 Nahum Gelber Law

Banks, Rose Marie Gwendolyne. LL.M Air law and civil aviation in Liberia. (1981) - AS 42 M3 1981 B2222 Nahum Gelber Law

Baqain, Hani Saleh. LL.M, Civil aviation law in Jordan. (1971) - AS 42 M3 1971 B36 Nahum Gelber Law

Barlow, Patricia M. LL. M., The extra-territorial application of United States anti-trust laws and international air transportation : a legal or a political question. (1986) - AS 42 M3 1986 B24 Nahum Gelber Law

Baronnat, Emilie. LL.M., The US and EC antitrust control of transatlantic airline alliances. (2007) - AS42 M3 2008 B376 Nahum Gelber Law

Barret, Donald M. LL. M., Venezuela's bilateral air transport agreements and problems of interpretation in the jet era. (1961) - AS 42 M3 1961 B37 Nahum Gelber Law

Bartlett, Kevin. LL. M., Cape York International Spaceport, Australia : a review of the legal issues. (1989) - AS 42 M3 1989 B3778 Nahum Gelber Law

Bartlik , Martin. LL.M., The distribution of air traffic rights . (2004) - AS 42 M3 2005 B378 Nahum Gelber Law

Beamer-Downie, Darcy. LL. M., Freight forwarders' liability during international multimodal transportation. (2000) - AS 42 M3 2000 B436 Nahum Gelber Law

Beaulieu, Christian. LL. M., Du droit à la vie privée et de la protection des droits d'auteur : concepts et impacts sur les activités de télédétection par satellite en droits international, américain et canadien. (1996) - AS 42 M3 1996 B438 Nahum Gelber Law

Bellflower, John W. LL.M., The influence of law upon command of space. (2009) - [electronic resource] Nahum Gelber Law

Benguira, Audrey Shoshana. LL. M., International cooperation in the private satellite communications sector : enhancing commercial exploitation of outer space. (2003) - AS 42 M3 2003 B465 Nahum Gelber Law

Bensoussan, Denis. LL.M., Global Navigation Satellite Navigation Systems and Galileo liability aspects. (2002)- [electronic resource] AS42 M3 2003 B469 Nahum Gelber Law

Berdnikoff, Michel. LL. M., Three decades after early bird : global communications satellite services and emerging regulatory issues. (1995) - AS 42 M3 1995 B473 Nahum Gelber Law

Bernauw, Kristiaan C. A. LL. M., The legal aspects of international air courier and air express services. (1986) - AS 42 M3 1986 B451 Nahum Gelber Law

Berthou, Anaïs. LL. M., Les aéroports à l'aube du troisième millénaire. (2000) - AS 42 M3 2000 B477 Nahum Gelber Law

Bhattacharya, Raja. LL. M., Intellectual property rights in outer space.(2002) - AS 42 M3 2003 B49 Nahum Gelber Law

Bielinski, Eva Halina. LL. M., The role of law in the suppression of terrorism against international civil aviation. (1978)

Blumenkron, Jimena. LL.M., Implications of transparency in the International Civil Aviation Organization's Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme. (2009) - [electronic resource] Nahum Gelber Law

Blumenthal, Mitchell. LL. M., The cause of action provisions of Article 17 of the Warsaw Convention and the attendant problems of conflict of laws and federal jurisdiction in the United States. (1979)

Bochinger, Steve. LL. M., The implications of the privatization of space telecommunications on international organizations. (2001) - AS 42 M3 2001 B633 Nahum Gelber Law

Bogolasky Sack, José Claudio. LL. M., Government regulation of aircraft and air navigation facilities in Latin America. (1976) - AS 42 M3 1976 B63 Nahum Gelber Law

Bosco, Joseph A. LL. M., Liability for outer space activities : a United States' perspective. (1986) - AS 42 M3 1986 B65 Nahum Gelber Law

Boteva, Meglena. LL. M., A new century and a new attitude towards safety oversight in air transportation (2000) - AS 42 M3 2001 B684 Nahum Gelber Law

Bourbonnière, Michel. LL. M., Commercialisation of remote sensing, U.S. and international law : towards a liberalization of economic regulations. (1997) - AS 42 M3 1997 B688 Nahum Gelber Law

Bourgeois, Michel. LL. M., The carriage of goods in space. (1986) - AS 42 M3 1986 B661 Nahum Gelber Law

Bourgoin, Céline. LL. M., La convention sur le marquage des explosifs plastiques et en feuilles aux fins de détection (Montréal, le 1er mars 1991), ou, Etude d'un des moyens de prévention du sabotage aérien. (1997) - AS 42 M3 1997 B689 Nahum Gelber Law

Bouvet, Isabelle. LL. M., Certain aspects of intellectual property rights in outer space. (2000) - AS 42 M3 2000 B6884 Nahum Gelber Law

Bradley, Martin A. LL. M., Air carrier's liability in Australia. (1962) - AS 42 M3 1962 B7 Nahum Gelber Law

Brandel, Fredrik. LL. M., Recent trends in European air transport law and policy with reference to routes, tariffs and capacity / by Fredrik Brandel. (1984) - AS 42 M3 1984 B72 Nahum Gelber Law

Briant, Adeline M. (Adeline Marie). LL. M., A critical look at the United Nations Convention on International Multimodal Transport of Goods (Geneva, 24th May 1980). (1997) - AS 42 M3 1997 B753 Nahum Gelber Law

Bruneau, Jonathan M. LL.M., Antitrust law enforcement within the U.S. airline industry : fact or fiction? (1992) - AS 42 M3 1992 B786 Nahum Gelber Law

Bunker, Donald H. (Donald Harry). LL.M., Space opportunity, risk & liability : a banker's perspective (1985) - AS 42 M3 1985 B88 Nahum Gelber Law

Burchevskyy, Oleksiy. LL.M., Are we ready to drive to the sky? Personal air-land vehicles within the modern air law framework and theory of legal innovation (2008) - [electronic resource] AS42 M3 2009 B863 Nahum Gelber Law

Burris, Matthew D. LL.M., Tilting at windmills? The counterposing policy interests driving the commercial satellite export control reform debate (2010) - [electronic resource] Nahum Gelber Law

Byrom, Robert M. (Robert Milton). LL.M., Product liability of United States' aircraft and component manufacturers. (1993) - AS 42 M3 1993 B97 Nahum Gelber Law


Cahyo Adi. LL. M., The applications of remote sensing via satellites by the developing countries and the implications for the space law making process. (1986) - AS 42 M3 1986 C11 Nahum Gelber Law

Caplan, Kenneth Gary. LL. M., The tort liability of the United States government for its aviation and space activities. (1970) - AS 42 M3 1970 C366 Nahum Gelber Law

Catibog, Jose Rosa. LL. M., Some legal problems in international law on aerial collisions. (1964) - AS 42 M3 1964 C38 Nahum Gelber Law

Cavdar, Arif. LL. M., Regionalization in international civil aviation. (1969) - AS 42 M3 1969 C38 Nahum Gelber Law

Chassot, Laurent. LL.M., L'article 29 de la convention de Montréal: clef de voûte de la responsabilité du transporteur aérien international. (2009) - [electronic resource] Nahum Gelber Law

Chen, Kuan-Wei, LL.M., The legality of the use of space weapons: perspectives from environmental law (2012) - [electronic resource] Nahum Gelber Law

Chen, Qian. LL.M., Legal aspects of aircraft financing and new challenges for China. (2009) - [electronic resource] Nahum Gelber Law

Chiavarelli, Emilia. LL. M., The KAL 007 incident : the legal effects of ICAO decisions. (1984) - AS 42 M3 1984 C432 Nahum Gelber Law

Chouinard, Vicky. LL.M., The legal framework related to the privatization and commercialization of remote sensing satellites in the United States and in Canada. (2006) - AS42 M3 2006 C4866 Nahum Gelber Law

Chrystal, Philip. LL. M., Towards a United States-Australian international air services agreement 1935-1942 : prelude to the 1946 bilateral. (1985) - AS 42 M3 1985 C46 Nahum Gelber Law

Clavijo, Angela Maria. LL.M., Insights into the airline globalization process in Colombia (2008) - [electronic resource] AS42 M3 2009 C525 Nahum Gelber Law

Cloppenburg, Jürgen. LL. M., The regulation of global mobile personal communications by satellite : a comparative analysis of regulations, policy and perspectives in the European Union, in particular Germany, and the United States. (2001) - AS 42 M3 2001 C576 Nahum Gelber Law

Cohen, Jérôme. LL.M., The challenge of aircraft financing and its legal implications. (1997) - AS 42 M3 1997 C646 Nahum Gelber Law

Cooper, Bruce M. LL.M., Satellite telecommunication law : the Canadian perspective. (1985) - AS 42 M3 1985 C78 Nahum Gelber Law

Correia e Silva, Benilde. LL.M., Some legal aspects of flight information regions. (1990) - AS 42 M3 1990 C67 Nahum Gelber Law

Correia, Rose Mary. LL.M., Legal aspects of multimodal telecommunications. (1995) - AS 42 M3 1995 C677 Nahum Gelber Law

Coulibaly, Seydou. LL.M., Les accords des Bermudes et les accords bilatéraux des états membres du Traité de Yaoundé. (1978) - AS 42 M3 1978 C83 Nahum Gelber Law

Croes, Philip. LL.M., Trucking air cargo : the application of the Warsaw system to bimodal transport. (1993) - AS 42 M3 1993 C764 Nahum Gelber Law

Csabafi, Imre Anthony. LL.M., The progessive development of space law in the United Nations relative to the concept of state jurisdiction. (1967) - AS 42 M3 1967 C72 Nahum Gelber Law

Culver, Howard L. LL.M., Route schedules in Canadian-American civil air relations: the 1966 air transport services agreement. (1968) - AS 42 M3 1968 C84 Nahum Gelber Law

Cummings, Judith. LL.M., The legal nature of bilateral air transport agreements. (1987) - AS 42 M3 1987 C85 Nahum Gelber Law


Dahl, Cristen Sverdrup. LL.M., Air traffic control liability in Norway and from a viewpoint of international unification. (1973) - AS 42 M3 1973 D335 Nahum Gelber Law

DalBello, Richard. LL.M., Space industrialization in the United States : certain legal and economic implications. (1984) - AS 42 M3 1984 D15 Nahum Gelber Law

Damiano, Piercarlo. LL.M., An outline of responsibilities of the aircraft commander in Italian and international law. (1974)

Dan, Moshe. LL.M., Aviation law in Israel. (1995) - AS 42 M3 1995 D363 Nahum Gelber Law

De Boer, Gerrit B. LL.M., Nationality and interchange of aircraft. (1969) - AS 42 M3 1969 D4 Nahum Gelber Law

de Dongo, Paul J. LL.M., Progress toward the multilateral exchange of commercial air transport rights. (1954) - AS 42 M3 1954 D4 Nahum Gelber Law

Deleau, Delphine. LL.M., The European court of justice 'open skies' judgments of 5 November 2002 : a Euopean contribution to the multilateral framework for International Aviation relations. (2004) - AS 42 M3 2004 D455 Nahum Gelber Law

DeSaussure, Hamilton. LL.M., International law and aerial warfare. (1953) - AS 42 M3 1953 D47 Nahum Gelber Law

Desbiens, Caroline. LL.M., Government's liability for the control of air traffic as well as the inspection and certification of aircraft. (1993) - AS 42 M3 1993 D47 Nahum Gelber Law

Desrosiers, Alain. LL.M., Programme de l'O.A.C.I. pour la supervision de la sécurité aérienne / by Alain Desrosiers. (1999) - AS 42 M3 1999 D4777 Nahum Gelber Law

De Serres, Martine. LL.M., Environmental policymaking for air transportation: Toward an emissions trading system. (2007) - AS42 M3 2008 D474 Nahum Gelber Law

Detra, Zachary D. LL.M., The legitimacy of the International Civil Aviation Organization's universal safety oversight audit programme. (2006) - AS42 M3 2006 D487 Nahum Gelber Law

Deus, Delfim de. LL.M., Civil aviation in SADCC countries : a new type of co-operation? (1989) - AS 42 M3 1989 D435 Nahum Gelber Law

Devine, T. Joseph. LL.M., Towards international regulation of telecommunications by satellite. (1969) - AS 42 M3 1969 D48 Nahum Gelber Law

Devinsky, Peter. LL.M., Speedy relief? The default remedies as set out in the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol (2008) - [electronic resource] AS42 M3 2009 D485 Nahum Gelber Law

Diallo, Sidiki Alassane. LL.M., Le règlement pacifique des differends internationaux relatifs à l'aviation civile internationale : la compétence de l'Organisation de l'aviation civile internationale et les pratiques en la metière. (1985) - AS 42 M3 1985 D542 Nahum Gelber Law

Diersch, Wolfdieter. LL.M., International non-scheduled air transportation : a study of international agreements and government. (1976) - AS 42 M3 1976 D5 Nahum Gelber Law

Dietrich George B. LL.M., Extending the principle of the common heritage of mankind to outer space. (2002) - AS 42 M3 2002 D548 Nahum Gelber Law

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Drion, Huibert. LL.M., Limitation of liabilities in international air law. (1954) See also : Drion, H. Limitation of liabilities in international air law. 1954 K 4122 D75 1954 Nahum Gelber Law Note : based on the author’s thesis

Du Crest, Maxime. LL.M., L'Etat et les compagnies de navigation aérienne : les interventions économiques gouvernementales pour l'organisation de la profession de transporteur aérien. (1960) - AS 42 M3 1960 D9 Nahum Gelber Law

Ducrest, Jacques. LL.M., Une nouvelle dynamique des fonctions législatives et quasi-législatives de l’órganisation de l'aviation civile internationale ? (1995) - AS 42 M3 1995 D837 Nahum Gelber Law

Dufresne, Yves. LL.M., La Réglementation économique du transport aérien intérieur au Canada : aspects juridiques et politiques. (1985) - AS 42 M3 1985 D87 Nahum Gelber Law

Dupuis, Lionel Alain. LL.M., Le domaine des activités aéroportuaires et la compétence constitionnelle en aéronautique. (1981) - AS 42 M3 1981 D92 Nahum Gelber Law

Durand, Claudie Jennifer. LL.M., Aircraft accident investigation : the need for a stronger international regime. (1993) - AS 42 M3 1993 D894 Nahum Gelber Law


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