Regular weekly pick-up

Buildings which have a dedicated storage area are on a regular pickup schedule. If you need a waste pickup shortly, please follow the procedure in our forms section.


Lyman Duff Medical [map]
Location: 222A
Contact: TBA
Location: 5th floor (biomedical)
Contact: Tom Ringer, 3920

Stewart Biology [map]
Location: room N3/17
Contact: Joe, 6432
Location: 3rd Floor Rear / Receiving Dock Cold Room (biomedical)
Contact: Joe, 6432

Montreal Neurological Institute [map]
Location: room 045
Contact: (radioactivity) Christian Janicki, 8888-43866


740 Dr. Penfield (Genome) [map]
Location: waste room 3401
Contact: HWM, 5066

Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry [map]
Location: waste room 3401
Contact: HWM, 5066

M.H.Wong [map]
Location: room 3280
Contact: Frank Caporuscio, 7472


Otto Maass Chemistry [map]
Location: room 48A
Contact: Mario Perrone, 6221

Ludmur R & T [map]
Location: room 110
Contact: Cindy Lui
Location: 104
Contact: Shane, 514-398-2458

McConnell Engineering [map]
Location: room 015
Contact: Debbie Morzajew, 6286

Thursdays (MacDonald Campus)

C.I.N.E. Centre [map]
Contact: TBA

MacDonald-Stewart [map]
Location: Room MS034
Contact: Ebrahim Noroozi, 7736

Institute of Parasitology [map]
Location: Room 106
Contact: Shirley Mongeau, 7954

University Centre [map]
Photographic Society
Location: room B15
Contact: Porter, 514-617-0082

On call

Frank Dawson Adams [map]
Location: 016
Contact: HWM, 5066

MacDonald Engineering [map]
Location: various departments

McIntyre Medical [map]
Location: various departments

Montreal General Hospital (external)
Location: Research Loading Dock
Contact: Rami Tohme, 44624

Rutherford physics [map]
Location: Various



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