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"Solidarity in an interconnected world." Image based on a photo by 2Photo Pots @2photopots on Unsplash.

CHRLP Forum 2021–2022: Solidarity in an interconnected world

Inspired by the fabled meeting place in ancient Rome, the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism (CHRLP) Forum is founded on the principles of inclusive citizenship and deliberative democracy. The Forum aspires to create a space for learning from the past, deliberating about the present, and building a common future together.

The CHRLP Forum aims to bring rich and plural insights on the concept of solidarity through engagement with diverse theories of change and ideas of justice.

We invite students, practitioners, and scholars to participate in discussion groups that will explore the nature of international solidarity as a way to bridge differences and opposites. This year's theme is detailed below.

Shared vulnerability and shared responsibility

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the inherent vulnerabilities of human society and the reality that no state is immune to the effects of globalization.

The past year, where the pandemic and global social movements have been front and center, has highlighted long-existing inequalities that — while borne more by some than others — impact us all. The COVAX initiative, which seeks to ensure equitable access to vaccines globally, aptly describes the gravity of such effects in saying, “…no one is safe unless everyone is safe.”

In the face of interconnected threats, challenges, but also possibilities, it is in the best interest of all that these concerns are addressed collectively.

Without a shared vision for the future, backed by the demonstration of collective responsibility, it would not be possible to foster an equitable and sustainable future for humanity. There is no moving forward, unless it is together.

Unity through diversity

International solidarity is foundational to the very idea of human rights, development, and the economic system. Solidarity allows for cooperation through a recognition of our common humanity, and acts as a bridge across diverse societies. As we continue the work to fulfill the promise of dignity and equality for all, international solidarity demands collective action among and across individuals, civil society, and the private sector.

In order to redress historical wrongs and reform present structures of inequalities, our duty to cooperate demands the rethinking, reframing, and overcoming of physical distances, cultural differences, and state borders.

A call for engagement

The CHRLP Forum is a platform for discussion among a diverse group of individuals and a space where all are welcome to test out ideas as they engage with the processes and pathways to social change.

Additionally, individuals, practitioners and scholars, student-run clubs, and academic journals are invited to participate in the planning of sessions, and to submit blog posts for publication on the CHRLP website.

Possible themes related to the concept of solidarity could include:

  • Public health
  • Anti-racism movements
  • Labour rights
  • Gender expression and gender-based violence
  • Climate action and justice

By no means is this an exhaustive list – we encourage you to be creative with your suggestions!

How to join the Forum

Do you have an issue you would like to discuss, or an upcoming article you would like to publicize? A blog post you would like to write?

Email it to human.rights [at] with a statement of intent, list of readings, and suggested discussion questions. Readings should not exceed 20 pages.

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