International Solidarity with the People of Afghanistan

8 Sep 2021

In this timely piece, Professor Vrinda Narain proposes eight policy actions for the international community to protect women's rights and foster sustainable peace in Afghanistan.

Not Victims. Survivors and Activists

5 May 2020

By Paula Martins. While communication technologies can be lauded for having opened up freedom of expression in a number of ways, visiting scholar Paula Martins pushes those boundaries in a thought...

Inequalities in the Colombian Legal Profession. An Opportunity to Reflect on the Chess Game of Law

28 Feb 2020

By Maria Ceballos-Bedoya.The Colombian legal profession continues to exemplify the inequalities experienced by lower-class and female students. This inequality is not limited to Colombia, and goes...

Pluralism in Women’s Property and Inheritance Rights – Challenges for realizing human rights in Bangladesh and India

11 Oct 2019

By Arafat Hosen Khan. Although women contribute immensely to all sectors of development, pluralism risks affecting their core human rights and access to land and inheritance. In many developing...

A purposeful role for women in peacebuilding in Mali

7 May 2019

By Sharanjeet Parmar. To achieve durable peace in Mali, citizens and their government must ensure that transitional justice and peacebuilding efforts are as inclusive as possible, putting the...

Women imprisoned. Lessons to inform the UDHR at 70

27 Mar 2019

By Marianne Bevan. There is a striking similarity in the experiences of women in prisons around the world. Their pathways into prison are generally characterised by high rates of trauma and abuse,...

Women and Discrimination in Côte d’Ivoire

15 Nov 2018

By Dr Assata Kone-Silue. Côte d'Ivoire has ratified most of the international instruments to fight discrimination against women, but it needs to put more coherence between its proclaimed will to...

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