The United Nations at 75: Has It Delivered the Promise of Human Rights?

7 Dec 2020

Reflecting on 75 years of the United Nations, Slava Balan argues that a Human Rights-Based Approach is needed to implement the goal of universal human rights.

‘The Magna Carta for all humanity’ and ‘African values’: an appraisal

18 Feb 2019

By Zelalem Kibret. While the majority of African countries signed the UDHR in the post-independence period with the hope that its enshrined values represent their national values, perennial queries...

70 ans: Travailler pour un monde plus juste, d'hier à aujourd'hui.

21 Jan 2019

Par Annick Poitras. Une série d’activités organisées par le Centre sur les droits de la personne et le pluralisme juridique souligne les 70 ans de la Déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme,...

A Peoples-Centred Celebration of the UN Declaration of Human Rights on its 70th Anniversary

8 Nov 2018

By Shaké Melanie Sarkhanian. The 70th anniversary of the UNDHR is a celebratory moment for human history in advancing equality, equity, peace, freedom, and justice for all. But it also calls our...

Remembering Nelson Mandela – Prisoners’ Rights in Canada

12 Oct 2018

By Vicki Prais. Nelson Mandela’s 27 year imprisonment on Robben Island is a stark reminder that the protection of prisoners’ rights remains an ongoing and vital concern in every society.

Universal Human Rights and the Challenges of Inclusion

11 Oct 2018

By Fayyaz Baqir. A ‘universal declaration’ cannot be developed by a tiny minority of well-meaning experts on behalf of extremely diverse, disenfranchised and divided global community.

Community Development from the Grassroots

10 Oct 2018

By Noam Schimmel. Development is a real partnership, respectful of the needs, perspectives, and experiences of local communities and of their knowledge, while grounded in values of equality,...

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