Corporations as Citizenship, the next step in corporate personhood

16 May 2022

In this thoughtful piece, Luis Chinchilla Fuentes proposes an alternative to the standard corporate personhood theory to address issues of accountability and the lack of corporate moral obligations...

The United Nations at 75: Has It Delivered the Promise of Human Rights?

7 Dec 2020

Reflecting on 75 years of the United Nations, Slava Balan argues that a Human Rights-Based Approach is needed to implement the goal of universal human rights.

Understanding how racism becomes systemic

18 Aug 2020

By Colleen Sheppard, Tamara Thermitus, and Derek J. Jones. Dedicated to Violas, Lovings, and #BLM heirs, this timely piece offers a succinct answer to what is systemic racism, provides clear...

Sovereignty Reshuffled? A New Global Order and the Future of Human Rights

28 May 2020

By Fatemeh Sadeghi. The authority of international laws have, in recent years, been increasingly challenged and are thus eroding, while the extrajudicial endeavors of governmental bodies in the...

Reclaiming Universal Economic and Social Rights in a Convulsed Legal and Economic Order

31 Mar 2020

By Dorothy Estrada-Tanck. What elements of human rights need improved protection? A higher standard of economic, social, and cultural rights need to be protected along with civil and political rights.

Reclaiming Universal Human Rights in a Plural Global Order for Critical and Comprehensive Activism

25 Nov 2019

By Mauro Cristeche. To face the challenges of human rights, we should not simply develop a moral stance against injustice and inequalities; we should collaborate on building an alternative and...

On Global Human Rights — Part Two

5 Nov 2019

By Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal. In this second piece of a series of two, he proposes a pathway to the global reality of Human Rights, a form of de-centred and evolutive design grounded in the lived...

Traditions of Human Rights: Who Needs Universal Human Rights?

7 Oct 2019

By Frédéric Mégret. What exactly is meant by saying that rights are universal? The author proposes a reconciliation of the dichotomy between universalism and pluralism, in a “universality of...

Preaching Without Practicing: Legal Accountability for NGOs to Respect Human Rights

6 Aug 2019

By Noam Schimmel. While many NGOs have been keen to embrace the principle that international human rights law should apply to corporations, they have largely not insisted upon the same for themselves.


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