Lessons from Fraser: Equal Benefit of the Law and Societal Inequalities

10 Jun 2022

In this incisive piece, Colleen Sheppard examines the 2020 groundbreaking Supreme Court of Canada decision in Fraser v Canada. Through an interrogation of the majority and dissenting reasons,...

Not Victims. Survivors and Activists

5 May 2020

By Paula Martins. While communication technologies can be lauded for having opened up freedom of expression in a number of ways, visiting scholar Paula Martins pushes those boundaries in a thought...

Inequalities in the Colombian Legal Profession. An Opportunity to Reflect on the Chess Game of Law

28 Feb 2020

By Maria Ceballos-Bedoya.The Colombian legal profession continues to exemplify the inequalities experienced by lower-class and female students. This inequality is not limited to Colombia, and goes...

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