L’héroïsme de Joyce Echaquan

12 Nov 2020

Suite à la mort de Joyce Echaquan, Tamara Thermitus se penche sur le racisme systématique auquel sont confrontés les Premières Nations ainsi que sur leur résilience dans leur quête pour le changement.

Understanding how racism becomes systemic

18 Aug 2020

By Colleen Sheppard, Tamara Thermitus, and Derek J. Jones. Dedicated to Violas, Lovings, and #BLM heirs, this timely piece offers a succinct answer to what is systemic racism, provides clear...

Keeping Up with the Times: Why Canada Should Enact a Modern Slavery Act

7 Aug 2019

By Emilie de Haas. While modern slavery already constitutes a human trafficking offense under criminal and immigration laws in Canada, Canada is falling behind other countries when it comes to...

Christchurch Tragedy: In Pursuit of Silver Linings and Lessons to Embrace amidst Precarity and Division

8 May 2019

By Rodziana Razali. Explicit racism and Islamophobia incentivizing both mainstream and fringe alt-groups can no longer be ignored and downplayed when their perpetuated threats and violent extremism...

Remembering Nelson Mandela – Prisoners’ Rights in Canada

12 Oct 2018

By Vicki Prais. Nelson Mandela’s 27 year imprisonment on Robben Island is a stark reminder that the protection of prisoners’ rights remains an ongoing and vital concern in every society.

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