Academic Program Information

The Department of Human Genetics in the Faculty of Medicine was created to expand teaching and research in human genetics, and to promote the delivery of genetic health-care services. The 70 faculty members (35 full/joint members, 12 faculty lecturers, 21 associate members and 2 adjunct professors) of the Department have extremely broad academic interests. This breadth is quickly apparent from the faculty list: Conceptually, it ranges from genetic epidemiology through genomics, gene regulation and gene knockout to gene transfer and gene therapy. In 2005 the members of the Department published over 250 peer-reviewed papers and 20 invited chapters, supervised 90 graduate students and 15 fellows, and won $7.2 million in operating grant competitions and $600,000 in personal salary awards.

The department conducts research on all sites of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), The Montreal Neurological Institute, The McGill Life Sciences Complex, The McGill University-Genome Quebec Innovation Centre, The Biomedical Ethics Unit, and The Centre for Genomics and Policy.For further program information, please consult the links on the left column of this page.

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